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As a disclaimer hereby I apologize in advance if any type of material published on this site, now or in the future, will break copyright laws. In this case I ask any interested person to kindly advise me thru E-mail at and I'll provide any correction or deletion required. Best view in full screen format and better listening a song from the "Music" section with the "Zengarden" Skin for Windows Media Player, from the "Downloads" section.

This site is also intended as a "Support Site" for the subscribers of the

  Samurai History Citadel Forum 

 that is "... a forum for the study and exchange of information of Japanese Samurai history, focusing from pre-history to 1868 a.D., done in conjunction with the "Samurai Archives",

and for the subscribers of


Sword Forum International - NihonTo Forum 

that is a NihonTo-related Fora. 

The support is in the form of a "temporary tank" where Upload and Download images and documents  as long as its private main function will allow it. If you are a forum's subscriber and want to upload material here, please use the forum E-mail service to send  your request to tsubame1 (Samurai History Citadel Forum) or Carlo Giuseppe Tacchini (Sword Forum International and  NihonTo Message Board ). Once got in touch thru the Forum, we'll arrange together to let your files on the web, providing a link that you'll be able to publicize to all other Forum's subscribers. All requests will be carefully considered, but the final decision about publication still remains mine, with no offense to anyone. Naturally this service is free but temporary, due to the limited memory space I have on the server. Enjoy.

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