interview with Jus Oborn                                                         Berlin, Knaack 6th February 2006

Jus Oborn of Electric Wizardbefore the Berlin mood swings of the Incredibald we had the chance to meet up with the folks of Electric Wizard, without any doubt the heaviest band ever. Jus Oborn singer - guitarist and only remaining founding member after the line-up change that followed the release of the album "Let Us Prey" took some time for us, together with Liz Buckingham (ex 13 and Sourvein) who is the girl doubling the guitar sound since the album "We Live", out in the snow where Rob Al Issa the bass player and Justin Greaves the drummer, formerly of Iron Monkey.
A thank you goes out the folks at the Knaack in Berlin and a very special one to Mira, who saved the evicted emissaries and gave them the opportunity to rest before their trip back to southern lands...

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Electric WizardTOHKAMAK: Jus you did a BBC radio one session with Electric Wizard, is it gonna come out in one way or another?

Jus Oborn: Yes, maybe. Itís the first thing we did after we got back together.

TOHKAMAK: And now you are recording a new album right? What is it going to sound like?

Jus Oborn: We are recording it right now, it's going to be more like "Come My Fanatics", acid drenched. The last one
was real clean, we always had a problem with live shows (doing the acid parts), so when we did "We Live" it was just the band, no overdubs and no fancy stuff...

TOHKAMAK: On "Dopethrone" you have this really short tune "The Hills Have Eyes" which I really dig, it would be great to hear a longer version of something like that. Electric Wizard - dopethrone

Jus Oborn: There's lots of tapes and tapes and tapes of that shit... yeah we used to jam in like a cottage for hours and we just dropped acid and jammed like that for the whole day.

TOHKAMAK: Any chance you might be releasing some of that?

Electric Wizard - we live
Jus Oborn: I'm thinking about it, I found all the tapes.

TOHKAMAK: So on the next album there might be something like that too?

Jus Oborn: Oh yeah, definitely!

TOHKAMAK: Great, that would also be great live, like we are doing gigs in Sardinia, in unusual places like on the beach, ruins or abandoned mines, it would be special to have you play there.

Jus Oborn, Justin Greaves, Rob Al Issa, Liz Buckingham
Jus Oborn: Yes I'd like to play on the beach, or at a castle...

TOHKAMAK: Did you ever play somewhere like that, like some weird location?

Jus Oborn: (To Liz) did we play anywhere weird?

Liz Buckingham: What do you mean?

Jus Oborn: Well not at a club, oh we played on a boat!

Liz Buckingham: Yes in Paris, right.

Jus Oborn: Sidney as well, the boat was going around the harbour, that was good fun.

TOHKAMAK: I think your music would work very well in a film, did you ever do anything for a movie, a soundtrack?

Jus Oborn: We're in the soundtrack for a short film, a Californian film, I didn't have anything to do with it, but there's some "Come My Fanatics" stuff in that movie.
Me and Robert had always planned to do a film, like there's the whole story, haven't been able to do it, heh... but it's gotta be that mythical epic...

Electric Wizard - supercoven
TOHKAMAK: Heh, we just got back from Sardinia, looking for a house and the people we had to deal with were just perfect film characters, like for a David Lynch movie.
One landlord particularly, Gino... he was like a mix between Yoda and Jabba The Hutt.

Jus Oborn: Yeah, that happens, especially in small towns. Small towns are great for that kind of inspiration, you should see Dorset.

Electric Wizard - come my fanatics
TOHKAMAK: I wouldn't be surprised if directors like Lynch or Jim Jarmusch get some of their characters like that.

Jus Oborn: Might well be... that wine is really good and the salami also.

TOHKAMAK: Thank you, we brought it from Sardinia, it's wild boar meat, I'll cut up some more, here help yourself.

Jus Oborn: Yes sure... I'd like to play a show there on the beach, would be great.

TOHKAMAK: Yes, we'll get in touch with you, maybe in September.

Liz Buckingham







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