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New version 5.05   ( 3 Mb - schedule for the year 2014 )

A windows program for "Theocratic Ministry School"' to generate automatic or manually, monthly schedules, to print 'speech assignment slips' with all automatic information (name, talk number, date, assistant, theme, source material, etc.) with the security to avoid error from manual compilation. It is quickly learned from the beginning with contextual help. It is used by many brothers by many years and it is very stable. (Freeware)

07-22-2010   5.04 Build 4: Fixed print of of assignment slips, long themes were not divided in two parts. Aadded a little box [X] in the print on A4 sheet. Changed white color (few visible) in the groups of study.

10-03-2009   5.04 Build 2: Added the annual program for 2010.

06-21-2009   5.03 Build 1: Corrected the restoration of the dates of students and assistants in edit monthly program. Adds possibility to return back up to 2 schedules.

05-20-2009   5.02 Build 7: Fixed problem with the oral review: if the student for the 0 (BH) talk is missed, it jumped the whole week, now who has the 0 in the column 'Talk', with automatic schedule it is always assigned.

04-20-2009   5.02 Build 6: Activated inserting of 'points study' and 'setting' from main table to the monthly schedule in change or manual insertion of the students.

12-06-2008   5.02 Build 5: Substituted prev32.dll file, lacking of high definition icons of print preview.

11-01-2008   5.02 Build 4: Fixed problem in 'Cancel last schedule'. Correct button's dimensions for windows Vista.

10-03-2008   5.02 Build 3: Suited the program for the various video resolutions from 800 x 600 in forward.

09-21-2008   5.02 Build 2: Added the annual program for 2009, adapted the program for the new school. It is possible to install immediately the program and to continue the scheduling for 2008, to the first scheduling for 2009 the program will modify automatically the column 'Talks' of the students and other boxes that contain the initials of the talks. NO MANUAL CHANGE IS NECESSARY TO THE INITIALS OF THE TALKS.

07-28-2008   5.01 Build 1: Fixed problem in the scroll of the nominatives in the main table.

06-01-2008   5.00 Build 1: New look office 2007 with RibbonBar.

03-12-2008   4.03 Build 5: Canceling of the last schedule doesn't overwrite more the possible changes done in the meantime to the main table.

01-07-2008   4.03 Build 4: Fixed: manual scheduling doesn't open the monthly file created.

12-20-2007   4.03 Build 1: Fixed some problems of talks assignment in the automatic monthly scheduling.

09-20-2007   4.02 Build 5: Added the 2008 annual schedule, if you have a precedent installation it will be added in the bottom of existing annual file.

12-13-2006   4.02 Build 2: Corrected error in insertion new students. To avoid errors in the print of the assignment slips, to cancel all the numbers of setting greater of 30 in the monthly files and in the main table.

11-14-2006 4.02 Build 1: Visualized the fields 'Points study' and 'Settings' on the main table to plan the data for the next schedule. In the list of the talks done, the lower case hall initial now is codified for distinguishing the talks done without source of the material. Adds possibility to activate 'copy Setting' in copy monthly program in the windows .

09-24-2006   4.01 Build 3: Added the 2007 annual schedule, if you have a precedent installation it will be added in the bottom of existing annual file. Modified dialogue boxes for print parameters tables for the vision of all the windows for all the video resolutions. In 'Changing parameters' to the folder 'Slips printing' the button 'Assignment slip Coordinates', added a line in the bottom at the "Coordinates' table for the new assignment slips" with title 'main table relocat.'. Modifying the numbers is possible to adjust the dimensions of the main window (read the contextual help). Recreated the cursor "help", it was not seen anymore.  Correct to avoid to open more than once the file students or assistants with double click on the name.

If after the installation, the year 2007 is not automatically added, to proceed manually in the following way:
1) to launch the program of the school and to leave it open.
2) from resources of the computer to access to the directory where the program of the school is installed, to change name to the file proentmp.db_ in proentmp.dbf, to replace only _ with f.
3) to return to the program of the school left open, right click to open the menu, to select 'Various utilities', then 'Annual updating', to also answer Yes to the question "Annual schedule already contains updating for the year 2007."


09-21-2005   Build 3: Added the 2006 annual schedule, if you have a precedent installation it will be added in the bottom of existing annual file.

06-27-2005   Build 2: Fixed problem of: font of 'Print temporary copy' and colors rescue of assignment slips.

05-14-2005   Version 4.00 at 32 bit.

09-22-2004   Build 24: Added the 2005 annual schedule, if you have a precedent installation it will be append in the bottom of existing annual file. Added function to reverse 2 weeks with oral repetition if overseer or meeting. Modified function to annul week for meeting, voidable also single talk. Added possibility to change letter of the rescue and restore drive. Added line in assignment slips coordinate file for possible prints of the setting description.

04-10-2004   Build 23: Fixed at times it was not possible to insert the assistant in the last line of the monthly program.
Corrected the references to the assistants and students in the relative tables, at times names of brothers appeared (beginning from the new produced monthly programs).

12-10-2003   Build 22: Improved creation file for manual scheduling. Other adjustments.

11-18-2003   Build 21: Vision of the talks done in edit monthly program, with tooltips.

09-29-2003   Build 20: Added the 2004 annual schedule, if you have a precedent installation it will be added in the bottom of existing annual file. Added function: 'Cancel schedule' of the last monthly schedule created. Fixed some problems.

07-10-2003   Build 19: Reduced acceptance of point study for some talks according to school manual. Adds points study in the print of bad copy, if I activate checkbox. Fixed error in the historical tables of the assistants.

03-15-2003   Build 17: Adds the management of the points study and of the settings.

02-15-2003   Build 15: It's now possible to calculates more weeks of schedule without the limitation of the message: 'Student already scheduled', for which the same students can also be inserted more times in the same assembly. At the end of the scheduling the program is also updated, for which a program doesn't stay in progress. To modify it, to print assignment slips, etc, you must to open the window for the print of the programs and from here to access the various functions with the relative buttons. Now the old button 'In progress...' activates a empty window of editing for a new week to manually schedule. To disable this function to return to the precedent system of schedule (Select mený: 'Various utilities', then 'Changing parameters').


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