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Sandra Dee Avenue
Sandra Dee during a recording session - 1959
Decca 31042 - 1960
Decca 31063 - 1960
In addition to her acting career, Sandra Dee also had a brief recording career at Decca Records.
She dubbed the voice for Gerda, the heroine of The Snow Queen, a 1957 Soviet animated film (Snezhnaya koroleva) adapted from a story by Hans Christian Andersen, of which Universal Pictures released the English version on November 20, 1959.
Sandra sang a song in this too, Do it While You're Young which was released even as a single, paired with Questions.
For what I know these are all her recorded works:
>  The Snow Queen soundtrack album
       Decca DL-78977 - 33 RPM LP 1959 Stereo
       Decca DL-8977 - 33 RPM LP 1959 Mono
>  Decca 9-31042 - 45 RPM 1960
       Dear Johnny / When I fall in love
>  Decca 9-31063 - 45 RPM 1960
       Do It While You're Young / Questions
>  Decca 9-31265 - 45 RPM 1961
       Tammy Tell Me True / Let's Fall in Love
Sandra Dee also sang "Hava Nagila", "Come Landlord Fill the Flowing Bowl" and "Chantez, Chantez" in the movie "Take Her She's Mine" but these never were released, I guess.
Decca DL-8977 - 33 
     RPM LP 1959 Mono
Sandra Dee and 
     Tommy Kirk - 1959
Above - Sandra Dee and Tommy Kirk in 1959, when they gave their voices to Gerda and Kay in the English dubbed version of The Snow Queen.
None of her songs charted very highly on Billboard lists.  Anyway, Sandra Dee had a pretty good singing voice for someone not really known for being a vocalist.  Certainly she did better than many other actors of her time who tried to sing even if they couldn't.
Having married such a famous singer as Bobby Darin maybe didn't help her singing career.  Or maybe she was not interested in that too much.
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Sandra Dee AVE The recording career of Sandra Dee   Search Telstar Web