Ada mod

Upgraded version (look the new improvements)

Ada combat suit


Leon character all instances (with jacket - without jacket - tactical vest - special-1 - special-2 - mercenaries)

Ada's female animations for character and weapons (punisher, blacktail, red9, killer-7, broken butterfly, TMP, rifle,
semi-auto rifle, grenade, unarmed), voice, HUD name, radio-tel (only video), blond hair and slightly clear skin

this is a simple nice mod for who love Ada, it is 100% working
(criticisms or suggestions to improve this mod are welcome)

just unpack all folders in the game directory replacing existing files

you need to have the same directories already extracted from the related *.dat files
(you can use "gca extractor" for this job)

knife by IlDucci, voice of Jill from RE3 by DrEmuler's "Jill costumes", thanks to all
people who posted their information, tutorials and works on this forum, without them
this mod would not have been possible

New improvements:
in this upgraded version i added the weapon animations for
killer-7, broken butterfly, TMP, rifle and semi-auto rifle

Added the "jump over" animation

I added and modified also some inventory animations

I corrected some defects like dark skin of back by original texture

This was just in some points of game with short weapons, now it's fixed for all weapons

I added also some variants of the weapons laser,
you will find the files to rename in "etc" folder:


simply rename the original "Core.dat" then close
and restart the game to see modification

Moreover i fixed the voice for the "Ashley-hide" command.

At last i attached a simply script (rifle-models-fix.bat) for replace the Leon's
models of semi-auto rifle with the same models of Ada, because these last are
slightly more little and then proper for Ada. The script will make also a backup

of original files and you will can restore them simply running the script again,
however it will ask you for confirmation before to act. It require to be run from
game directory, so you can simply copy it together the other directories.

Technical details:
I repacked all skeleton files (pl00.dat - pl08.dat - and so on) with Ada's main
animations from "Assignment Ada" (pl0c.dat): stand/turn - door/push/ladder -
hit/get-up/injured - kicks/jumps/knife; and turned off Leon's flash-light. About
weapons (wep*.dat) i swapped these animations:

stand/walk/run/turn-180 - aim-begin/aim/shot/aim-end - knife-aim-end. For the
other weapons i found that Ada character handle them correctly. I left unchanged
standard handgun because if i replace the "aim-begin" animation the character

shift to left, also for handcannon if i replace the "shoot" animation it produce
a notable defect. About the Ada's hands i matched the not many hands of her in
the best possible way for all the weapons and the result appears satisfactory.

You can use my work like a base for a female character in main game.


                           Enjoy ;)