XX HF-DX Convention  in Bologna and Pontecchio Marconi at IY4FGM
                                       25-26 september 2004

(left)  presenting 3B9C  at Bologna XX HF-DX Convention the 26.09.2004, Pietro Begali,  I2RTF has donated a "Signature" beautiful paddle key to Marconi Memorial Station IY4FGM, me Sergio IK4AUY, Franco IK4ICT, right, is IY4FGM Operators Coordinator.
(photo taken  inside IY4FGM operating place 26.09.2004)

Bob GU4YOX, Pietro Begali I2RTF, Sergio IK4AUY
 and Franco IK4ICT  (photo by Sergio IK4AUY)


Pietro Begali I2RTF, Anton IK4UPU, Bob GU4YOX,
Alberto IZ4EFR, Nicola IZ4FTB (photo by Sergio IK4AUY)

Mauro IN3QBR (left) showing ACOM lin ampl
and Fabio, I4UFH (right) showing new EZMaster 
(photo by Sergio IK4AUY)

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