Technical links  (page 2) for amateur radio projects  and tools
W6/PA0ZN (collection of Direct Digital Synthesizers link for
amateur radio local oscillator ideas)
AC5OG "A software defined radio for the masses"(QEX)
Wobbler & generator with PC controlled DDS (AD9850)
Dr. Peter Halický, OM3CPH, Peter Halický, Jr., OM2PH
VE3ERP HAMCALC Updated Version, down load from CQ Magazine web site (lot of utility electronic math-programs)
My Homemade 20m SSB Transceiver (Later: 80m to 6m)
VE7CA (Markus site with antennas and homebrew projects)
Low Noise & Power Amplifier Design ( N7TX XCVR.COM (lot of tips about kits, Elecraft K1,K2)
Bandpass Butterworth Filter Plot  ( YO5OFH (A lot of Ham Radio resources and projects)
Improving Receiver Intercept Point Using Selectivity
(Maxim Application note 749)
VK5BR    (An Interference Cancelling system for RX or TRX)
Matrix Test Equip. Technical Literature (on 2°, 3°ord IMD) PA0KSB VFO Stabiliser
  JA0TJU    (Photos about some HF- VHF Linear Ampl)
Third Order Intercept measurements (Agilent app.note) QRP HomeBuilder VE7BPO (a lot of interesting topics)
  Radio QRP (close look at IRF510 Low Cost Mosfet for RF)
XYZ of Oscilloscopes by Tektronix High Power Solid State Circuit Design Appl. Note by UltraRF
Radio Receivers tests by W8JI Tom Transistor push-pull 30 W (2Win) HF amplifier byWA1GPO
Radio Receivers tests by Sherwood Engineering. WA1GPO zipped downloadable file from ARRL (june '03)
Radio Drake R4C mods and IF filters by Sherwood Eng. G4FGQ downloadable Dos executable technical software
  WN5Y SuperReceiver (another 2N5109 RF preampl)
Radio Receivers tests by ARRL resumed by Elecraft QEX Sept-Oct 2006  1.5KW HF linear amplifier with 100V mosfets  
RF transmitting transistor and power ampl fundamentals YB0AH (2x2SC2290 HF RF AMPL and more)
Power Mosfets vs Bipolar Transistors AN860 by Motorola JA6QXW Kenwood engineer home site (TS570DG, more)
On the Occupied Bandwidth of CW Emissions by KF6DX LX3SKY reviews TS570DG and  how to select a trx?.
More On Receiver Dynamic Range by KF6DX(04-2003) Design Electronics by W.D. Phillips (an electronics course)
Loss Less feedback amplifiers for RX or low level high IP3 VSWR and RETURN LOSS conversion card by GM4ISM
W7PUA (DSP-10 trx  and co-author Exp Methods in RF) N2PK Vector Network Analyser
W7ZOI (co-author Experimental Methods in RF-'03 ARRL, author of Solid State Design in 1977) W4ZCB Harold Johnson Pic a STAR G3XJP beta tester
SM5BSZ, Leif Asbrink technical site, LINRAD G3XYG one "PIC a  STAR" builder
YU1AW  Projects and technical articles site G3XJS   one more "PIC a STAR builder"
SM6LKM (a PIC controlled VFO) UR3IQO High performance trx with DSP IF
F6BON (An RF Spectrum Analyser project) Analog Devices: High Performance Narrowband Receiver.....
W8WWV (see antenna and other experimentation) Analog Devices:Accurate Gain/Phase measurement up 2.5Ghz
I1KFH homebrew pages (spectrum analyser by S53MV) Analog Devices: Design a direct 6 Ghz LO with Integer N PLL
I6YPK & I6WJB  HF transceiver project schematic+photos Analog Devices: a new 45 dB, 500 Mhz Variable Gain Ampli
Steve Hageman  QEX  2-250 Mhz RF Network Analyser Analog Devices: PLL SYNTHESIZERS
DL4YHF    (PIC Programmer, "SPECTRUM LAB"
                   Windows 95 or 98 software)
Analog Devices: Phase-Locked Loops for high-frequency receivers and transmitters - 1
JR1PWZ  (home made trx, high level mixer tests, dds) Analog Devices: Phase-locked loops for high-frequency receivers and transmitters-Part 2
Audio Freq: Audio design ideas, Appl Notes, Tutorials, Software  for  Low-High pass Audio Filters  links Analog Devices: Phase-locked loops for high-frequency receivers and transmitters-Part 3
Design of Active AF filters Analog Devices: Analog Dialogue (home) a forum...
Designing with AF Operational Amplifiers Analog Devices: Fast locking 7 Ghz Synthesizer  Oct 2003
  Analog Devices: Active Mixer ICs simplify and enable lower cost radio architectures
  Microwaves (,  I2SG, I0LVA & IW0FGR)
AN142 NE5532 Audio IC Philips Application Note VHF Communications Magazine
Download FILTERPRO by Texas Instrument  LP-HP filter software (copyrights to TI) DUBUS Magazine 
TI Amplifier design utilities QEX Magazine
  Power RF Amplifiers Technical Notes by EMPOWER
An experimental HF direct conversion receiver A QRP SSB Transceiver by WB9IPA
Guide to built  a Spectrum Analyser personal ORION review by K3BU (ex VE3BMV)
I0CG  A powerfull 200 MHz DDS with AD9951  or
200MHz AD9951 DDS Phase noise < 120 dBc/Hz @ 1KHz offset
JA9TTT/1 technical site
WoodBox Radio homebrew hamradio Hand Made in Italy N9EWO about ex-Watkinks Johnson WJ-8711/HF-1000 RX
Direct Conversion HF Transceiver with DDS LO by OH2NLT, OH7SV  
I-Q VFO (DDS AD9854) by Craig AA0ZZ, Bruce AA0ED) Antique Chip Collector page
HA5BGL   (fine homebrew HF-VHF and up, test equip.)  
IV3DDM has rebuilt  I4FAF-IK4AUY  HF Front -End project AGILENT  Appl Note 150 "Spectrum Analysis Basics"
ATLAS radio 180-210-210X-215
 SDR - SoftRock RX links  
FLEXRADIO Systems  FLEX-5000,  SDR1000     Flex Radio in Italy  
Perseus SDR  RX  
DJ9CS  SoftRock page  
AMQRP.ORG Softrock-40 kit page  
PA3ANG SoftRock-40 RX live  
KD5TFD  SoftRock and SDR1000 pages