IR4B  is  IK4AUY Special Contest Call
My Amateur Radio Station - My Antennas

                                                                             My  Sunrise - Sunset local time (for low bands grey line propagation)   

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My amateur radio station at IK4AUY  and  IR4B,  is composed by:

HF Antennas from sept 2008 on: - 6-10-12-15-17-20m.            3 EL. ULTRABEAM Antenna (4El on 6m),   the lower one
                                                    - 6-10-12-15-17-20-30-40m   2 EL. STEPPIR ant with 30-40m single element kit,  above the 3EL 
                                                    - 2m                                      4 EL. TONNA,  mounted on top of all
                                                    - 40-80 meters  one mor-gain dipole, 20 meter long with 3 closed spaced wires and center 
                                                    fed with coaxial cable, for limited space)
                                                    - inverted L 12m. high + 8 m. horizontal 2 radials only for 80m CW + 160m with base coil.


both antennas 2 EL STEPPIR 6m to 40m (with 30-40m rotary dipole) and below 3 EL 6m. to 20m. ULTRABEAM Antenna with 4 EL on 50 MHz


Previous antenna before august 2008:
10-15-20 meters  one
Hy-Gain TH7 up about 17 meters from ground, top of  home roof.
12-17-30 meters  one rotative dipole by
Cushcraft D3W below (because we have added it
             above the TH7)  at 90 (to minimize mutual pick-up with the three bands yagi)
VHF antenna:  144 Mhz  5 el short yagi by Fracarro mounted top of TH7 at  18 meters from ground.

Own designed SRC-02 Front-End unit (with passive RX passband filters, pre-ampl, variable attenuator and ant 1, ant2, RX antenna only switching control).

RIGs:              -  Yaesu FT-2000  (Dec 2009 prod. unit,  PEP2000 firmware upgraded, see my review page: click here)
                      -  Yaesu FT-897D (SN. 1/2009,  new July 2009)
                      -   Kenwood TS-590S
Other RIG:      -  N. 2  CDG2000 home built 200W Transceivers (SN.01 built in  2006,  SN.02  built in 2009)
I4FAF Home built  100W trx  (as back-up rig, second receiver only)
                       -  Drake C Line in beautiful shape, got it new in early 1980.
                       -  Atlas 210X,  like new, only one owner.

Amplifier:       One, home built by I4FAF,  4CX800A tetrode tube linear amplifier for HF bands, legal 
                        limit power 500 Watts,  only  if necessary.  Two more 4CX800A linear ampl, as spare one.       

PC:                  Pentium and netbook lap top for real time logging with HRD,   Easylog5,   QART TEST by IK3QAR for contest.

CW Paddles:    Begali Simplex, Bencher, Vibroplex Iambic Deluxe.

Wattmeters:    TelePost INC  LP-100A (N8LP),   Coaxial Dynamics 83000-A,  Drake WH7.

last update: Jan - 25 - 2011.