Last Update:  21 Nov, 2009

about CDG2000 TRX  
CDG2000 HF TRX by G3SBI & co (advanced trx project) MiniCircuits       (rf mixers, transformers, combiners,more)
PA3AKE  in dept  report, about 50 pages, on H-MODE (March 2007)  
IK4AUY & I4FAF  H-MODE Mixer and CDG2000DX 200W TRX  experience     
(in 2004: H-MODE mixers article  -2006: CDG2000DX (1)  -2009: CDG2000 (2)     
INRAD   (Sells IF Cristal filters, mech., also for home brew)
IK4AUY  H-Mode mixers article     (QEX - ARRL  2004)  
CDG2000 by OZ9FW-OZ group experience & errata   CDG2000 builder W7AAZ IF/AGC high gain unit with 120 dB AGC range
CDG2000 by one of OZ group - OZ3QY & errata        CDG2000 builder  
H-MODE as in Experimental Methods in RF (ARRL, 2003)  
PA3CKR has also tested H-Mode Mixer with FST3125  
JA9TTT a  report on 3 transformer and 2 transformer version  
HA5BGL homebrew equipments and a    CDG2000 builder Some RF semiconductor manufacturers, for data sheet  
CDG2000 by ON4AEF      (SP7EWL wesite) ANALOG DEVICES          (Technical Library, data sheets)
I0SKK      (another CDG2000 builder) CALOGIC SD5000N (DMOS switches for High Lev. HF Mixer)  
Analog switches as mixers (more links) Fairchild FST3125M  (as HF High Level Mixer, see G3SBI)
G4OEP  Notes On Commutative mixers Fairchild FST3126M  (same above, direct switching logic)
  ON 74FST3125
  Application note about FST BUS Switches
about PIC A STAR project Philips CBT3125/CBT3126 bus switches family
G3XJP Peter Rhodes  PIC A STAR ALL     (complete story) CBT3125  Philips Data Sheet
G6AK about PIC a STAR and more links SN74CBT3125D by Texas Instrument
W4ZCB Harold Johnson Pic a STAR G3XJP beta tester Linear Systems (California) DMOS, fast switches like SD210
G3XYG one "PIC a  STAR" builder Linear System Application Notes DMOS Analog Switch
G3XJS   one more "PIC a STAR builder" AppCad software by Agilent  vers. 3.0 or  2.5.1 other site
G6ALU  Pic a Star builder  
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