ANTENNA links for amateur radio

Some Antenna related software links

TOPBAND Propagation  (160 meter Band) AC6LA    (antenna modeling software)
AC6V Antennas links             (a lot of antennas links) JE3HHT (MMANA antenna software and more)
W8JI  Receiving antenna design   (and much more) VE3SQB (antenna software)
Diversity reception by K3KY         (why DX in stereo?) G4HFQ  polar plot software
K3KY                                              (see The low bands)  
KN4LF 160 Meter Resources                 (a lot of links)  
K2KW Verticals for Contest expeditions article (6Y)  
W1WCR Misek Antenna Research (Beverage book)  
WW2Y/K2WI      (Enhanced Beverage performance)  
N3RR                            (more on Beverage antennas)  
WA1ION                        (see antennas related topics)  
W7IUV                                          (see Rotatable Flag)  
W8WWV                            (more low band resources)  
N1EU                           (Topband antenna links, more)  
DL1IAO                                         (more antenna links)

 Some Antenna Theory and more Antenna Links

MCC            ( Marconi Contest Club antenna articles) Antenna sites link by Cebik W4RNL
OK1RR                                                          (antennas) Antenna theory -brief by Circuit Design (Japan)
EA3QP                       (Lot of links, antennas, contest)  
KC1XX                (photos of a  big top band antenna)  
KC1XX   (new-160m-3el.array photos. down load pdf) ARRL Antenna Book and more Arrl Antenna books  
K7EM                         (4 square vertical for 80 meters) ARRL ON4UN's Low Band DXing
The DX Notebook  (Antenna  page links, also manuf) HAM RADIO Magazine    (articles index, antennas)
HAM RADIO Magazine    (articles index, antennas) VHF Communications Magazine
  DUBUS Magazine   (look for some article archives)
Who's Who on the Top Band  (by VK1AA) DK7ZB (antennas projects)
VY2ZM (160m. phased verticals, tnx Jeff K1ZM courtesy)  G3SEK VHF-UHF Long Yagi Workshop and more links
VY2ZM (Jeff, K1ZM website)   
DF3CB                              (DX, Contesting, antenna farm)  
DJ9RB   (vertical projects and short dipoles)  
EI7BA   40-80-160 vertical  
LX1UN 32meters 160M vertical  
AI9L 85 feet vertical for 160M (W9UCW design)  
K2KW  (Team Vertical, vertical antenna info)  
K9NS                   (Mt Frank Contesters, antenna pictures)  
KM9Z                   (Low Band DXing  Tricks & Tips) K9AY 4 Square 160M    (by SP3RBR & SP)
K9DX         (A 9 Element 160 Meters Vertical Array) K9AY  RX LOOP    (WA1ION site)
ON4ANT                                                   (Antenna page)  
SK3W                                                 (see picture gallery) EH Antenna: a close look by I4SBX (italian and english)
TK5EP reports the BCC Beverages switching box circuit EH ANTENNA SYSTEMS
VE6LB (Butternut HF2V mods, Myths of Low Band DXing) EH Antenna (by VK5BR)
KB9CRY  (rotatable receiveing delta loop) EH Antenna (by W8JI) and for  measurements report
K3LR (contest station antennas) EH Antenna link collection by W0KPH
  EH Antenna for 160 meter, IZ7ATH tests
K7NV (see yagistress link and antenna photos)  
VE6WZ   (a lot of antenna related topics)  

Some Antenna Manufacturer links

Some Amateur Radio Antenna Building Experience Links

Optibeam SteppIR:  
Mosley Electronics Installing 3el 6-40M SteppIR by N4DK
Hy-Gain Installing 3el by W4GKF   or  W4GKF web
M2 Antenna System Inc. DK2UG-7Z1UG SteppIR page
Force12 Inc W3OZ SteppIR info
Titanex OE9PTI SteppIR page
SteppIR Antenna Systems  
Ultra Beam Dynamic Antenna System  (C.S. sas di Caruso V. & C. Torino - Italy -  IK1DYS)  
Creative Design Corp. (CREATE- Japan)  PF5X SteppIR photos
  4 element SteppIR by WD0M
  Ultra Beam:
short antennas (EH) called VENUS and Cobra by Arno Elettronica IV3YER Test Ultra Beam Controller (with video)
  IZ3BSU Ultra Beam Antenna 3el. photos
Balun Designs LLC Common Mode Chokes by W1HIS

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