ProxyPainter (c) Pietro Salerno 2007/2008
news: Added support for MRproxy
V0.492 out
You must know
It's for free
I don't provide any kind of support for it
Using it maybe a risk
Tested on CoreDuo Quad 3.2Ghz with nVidia GTS250, seven 64bit

Installing "ProxyPainter"
Read the txt inside the .zip archive

Using ProxyPainter
Run the macroscritpt via toolbar
Choose the mesh you want to use as brush by pressing "pick up" button
a small green dots appears around
Press 'TAB' or use "exit to max" button to import proxies into MAX

Viewport managment:
P Perspective / Camera View
S Image aspect
ALT+LMB Orbit view
ALT+CMB Pan view
ALT+RMB Zoom view
CTRL+Z simple undo, erase last proxies

Application keys:
SPACE Toggle collisions
F1 hide/show Proxies
F2 Toggle Bounding Box
F3 Wireframe/shaded
TAB Close the painter and sends generated proxies to MAX
LMB Stroke proxies
RMB Delete proxies ( collisions must be on )
H Display shortcuts

Sliders, just slide... tweak brush,proxies (base size/rotation/scale variation)
Align button, switch alignment between "Normal Align" and "Z world axis"
Alone button, switch between spray and 1 place mode
Delta Time, if you are using animated proxies, slides per proxies keys by random(value)

ProxyPainter v0.492 (10/11/2009)

Video tutorial:
Working with ProxyPainter, overview v0.103 ( no audio... sorry )

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