Cross-country skiing in the Alps

These pages are addressed to people that consider cross-country ski as a way to travel by means of their own energy in a natural landscape, rather than a source of high speed emotions around an athletic track. Here we collect our experience in choosing a place for spending a week on the skis without getting bored, in the Italian Alps.
First of all we would like to state that in all the cross-country ski centers we visited, we always encountered very well prepared tracks also in difficult snow conditions. Unfortunately these centers often fail in secondary but non negligible aspects, for example they usually overestimate the length of the tracks, they talk only about theirselves but do not list the neighbouring ski centers, or forget to clearly indicate where the tracks start. Internet sites on this subject usually repeat the descriptions provided by ski centers, but they include few useful practical information and information collected by who has been skiing there.
With these pages, we thus try to fill this gap and share our feelings with other skiers, trying to simplify the choice of a place where to spend holidays on the skis.
Most ski areas described in this site, with a few exceptions, are in Trentino-Alto Adige region. This can be explained by personal taste, but also by "geomorphological" reasons, since here we do not present isolated skiing centers but areas suitable for skiing during a full week, and a high concentration of centers with at least 15-20 km of tracks can hardly be found in other parts of Italian Alps. However we plan to enlarge the list.
The indicated lengths are not literally taken from what declared by the ski centers, but they are recomputed on the basis of experience and of the maps, in order to reflect the effective extension of the tracks, also indicating separately the length of those stretches which have to be run in both ways in order to return back to the starting point and thus have been counted twice. In this computation, we have also subjectively reduced the distances in those cases in which the tracks artificially "meander" with the sole purpose to increase the length. For thess reasons the track lengths will not coincide with those declared by the ski centers, so we chose the name of "effective extension".
The descriptions of the nordic ski centers, even more that the track lengths, are purely subjective and reflect our personal taste and experience, we present them as such, in the hope they will be useful.

Cross-country ski areas