ICSC XIII World Teams Deaf Chess Championships

ICSC II World Ladies Teams Deaf Chess Championships

in Vilnius (Lithuania)  
July – 03th August 2001




To: All countries                                                                  Date: April 9, 2001

Re:  ICSC XIII World Teams Deaf Chess Championships
       ICSC II World Ladies Teams Deaf Chess Championships

We are hereby sending you the first notice regarding the ICSC World Championships which will be held in the Summer of 2002.

We invite all countries to send their teams to participate in this ICSC Championship. May this Championship be a big festival of friendship, expansion of contacts and development of sports among the deaf of our universe. If you face any problems related to accommodation costs or other difficulties, the Organising Committee will do its best in order to deal with these problems and will provide help in order to avoid unnecessary cancellations.

Date and Place of the ICSC Championships. They will be held from July 20th 2002 to August 3rd 2002 in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Registration and Payment. Registration forms will be enclosed to the second notice which will be sent to each country, not later than 1st October 2001. The deadline for the registration is February 1st 2002. All payments shall be effected in US dollars by banking remittance. On site the payments shall be made in LTL. Bank account shall be provided in the second notice.

Fee. The fee shall include hotel accommodation and full board, other charges, sightseeing, limited insurance during transportation from/to the point of arrival/departure.

Sightseeing. The organisers of the ICSC Championships will do their best in that the free time of the participants be made interesting. An interesting programme of cultural event is planned, as well as the tour of Vilnius and the legendary Castle of Trakai, performances of art groups of the deaf.

Lithuanin Visa. Nationals of other countries must have their passports while entering Lithuania. Some of you will also need visas, so you will have to contact the Embassy or Consulate of Lithuania in your country. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Accommodations. Currently, the organisers have three hotels. Draugystè Hotel is located close to the biggest park of Vilnius. 5 minutes to downtown, 10 minutes to the airport. Naujasis Vilnius Hotel is located downtown Vilnius with an easy access to business and entertainment centres as well as governmental institutions. Baltpark Hotel will open on June 1st of this year. Hotel processing will be provided in the second notice.

Climate of Lithuania. In Lithuania summers are mild, sometimes hot. Winters are either cold or mild. Winter period starts in November and lasts to the middle of March. Lithuania is situated on the Baltic Sea.

Location of the ICSC Championship. Currently, the organisers have three locations. Two of them are situated in Baltpark Hotel and Draugystè Hotel. The third is located in the Cultural Centre of the Deaf. However, whichever the location is, it will be confirmed after the inspection of the I.C.S.C. Board member due to take place in June this year.

See you in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Genovaite Sabukiene
Head of the Organising Committee WC 2002

E-mail :gsabukiene@takas.lt

Fax: +370 2 61 37 06


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