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ICSC World Individual Championships 2004
Malente (Germany)

17 ICSC European Club Team Championships 2005
Piestany (Slovakia)

2 ICSC Asian Individual Championships 2005
Almaty (Kazakhstan)

ICSC World Team Championships 2006
Nyregyhza (Hungary)

18 ICSC European Club Team Championships 2007
rimorsko (Bulgaria)

ICSC World Individual Championships 2008
St.Gallen  (Switzerland)

19 ICSC European Club Team Championships 2009
Hamburg (Germany)

ICSC Deaf Olympiad Chess 2010
Estoril (Portugal)

20 ICSC European Club Team Championships 2011
Liverpool (England)

1 ICSC Asian Team Championships 2011
Tashkent (Uzbekistan)

ICSC World Individual Championships 2012
Almaty  (Kazakhstan)

21 ICSC European Club Team Championships 2013
Kaunas (Lithuania)



















The International Committee of Silent Chess (I.C.S.C.) was founded in 1949 in Copenhagen (Denmark) and is recognised by Federation Internationale des Echecs (F.I.D.E.) and the International Olympic Committee  (I.O.C.); the recent 31st I.C.S.C. Congress held on October 1st, 2012, in Almaty, Kazakhstan, has approved the new name change of the I.C.S.C. It is now being called as the Internationl Chess Committee of the Deaf (I.C.C.D.); the I.C.C.D. also publishes its periodical magazine "Mitteilungsblatt" (The I.C.C.D. Bulletin) every four months.

The I.C.C.D. is an international organisation based on voluntary service. It establishes and organizes the World Individuals events for both Deaf men and women, World Teams Deaf Chess Championships, European, Asian (Continental) Clubs Chess Championships and friendly international tournaments.

F.I.D.E. Rating - March 2016


Yerevan, Armenia 16th -26th May 2016


2nd World Chess Championship for Disabled
Dresden, Germany  17th - 25th  October 2015  

Baku, Azerbaijan  27th September - 4th October 2015


Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia  8th - 15th August 2015 


                 41st FIDE Chess Olympiad 

Tromso, Norway  1st-15th August 2014


Opatija, Croatia, 18th-28th June 2014           



               Bulletin No.139     Bulletin No.140     Bulletin No.141     Bulletin No.142                            



1st World Chess Championship for Disabled
Dresden, Germany  21th - 29th  October 2013  





Kaunas, Lithuania  12th - 17th June 2013



Almaty, Kazakhstan 27th September-7th October 2012


Istanbul, Turkey 27th August - 10th September 2012 


 1st World Chess Games for Disabled
Dresden, Germany  24th - 30th  October 2011  
Tashkent, Uzbekistan   2nd - 8th October 2011


Liverpool, England  8th - 13th June 2011



                         39th FIDE Chess Olympiad                   
Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia 19th September - 4th October 2010


16th Deaf Olympiad Chess
30th ICSC Congress
Estoril, Portugal  3rd - 13th  June  2010

Suspected FIDE Elo Ratings:

After the examination of the case, we have decided to remove the 4 names from the ICSC Ratings

for the ratings earned by the deaf players in the false tournaments.


19th  European Club Team Deaf Chess Championships 2009   
Hamburg, Germany  3rd - 7th June 2009
38th FIDE Chess Olympiad
Dresden, Germany 12nd-25th November 2008
14th World Individual Deaf Chess Championships 2008
29th ICSC Congress
St.Gallen, Switzerland 19th July-1st August 2008

In memory of Heinz Meurer 1928-2008 


Primorsko, Bulgaria 30th May - 4th June 2007


28th ICSC Congress 
Nyregyhza, Hungary  8th - 17th September 2006 


17th  European Club Team Deaf Chess Championships 2005 - Piestany, Slovakia 


13rd World Individual Deaf Chess Championships 2004 - Malente, Germany



16th  European Club Team Deaf Chess Championships 2003 - Kiev, Ukraine



14th World Team Deaf Chess Championships 2002 - Vilnius, Lithuania

1st  Asian Individual Deaf Chess Championships 2002 - Almaty, Kazakhstan







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