1. The "Society of Friends of I.C.S.C." (thereafter called the Society) was founded in 1990 and approved by the I.C.S.C. Congress in 1992.

2. The Society has set itself the goal of establishing a fund in order to assist and help with all measures concerning further promotion of the chess game amongst the deaf.

3. The objectives of the Society are: -

a) to encourage countries of the Third World to participate in I.C.S.C. events and to assist them with financial subsidies.

b) to promote the ladies’ chess within the I.C.S.C.

c) to provide assistance and promotion of chess events and efforts made by young deaf chess players.

4. The membership of the Society is open to individual persons as well as to corporate bodies.

Entry into the Society is declared to the Executive Board of the I.C.S.C. and will become valid after payment of the first annual subscription.

The Executive Board will inform the member in writing about the accepted entry into the Society.

Members of the Society will receive I.C.S.C. bulletins three times a year and are allowed access to the chess events of the I.C.S.C.

The membership will be terminated after two years of non-payment of the subscription.

5. The minimum annual subscription is fixed by the I.C.S.C. Congress. The member may voluntarily increase the subscription fee.

6. Any legacies and donations may be added to the funds of the Society via the address of the I.C.S.C. General Secretary.

7. Assistance to objectives listed under 3 a), b) and c) may be granted if the funds contain a minium basic sum of 5.000 Euro.

The subsidy comprises financial assistance for chess materials or chess seminars for the named group of people and the free distribution of I.C.S.C. bulletins over a certain period. For the purpose of carrying out chess tournaments of country-members or their clubs under the auspices of the I.C.S.C., which are organised for the named group of people, organisation costs (exluding travelling and accommodation costs) can be subsided.

8. Applications for financial subsidies can only be submitted by country-members of the I.C.S.C. They are to be sent to the General Secretary of the I.C.S.C.

9. The award of resources from the funds of the Society will be decided by a committee to be proposed by the Executive Board of the I.C.S.C. and must be approved by the Congress.

The committee will comprise of three persons, namely, the Secretary-General of the I.C.S.C., the honorary member of the I.C.S.C. and the representative of the country member. A cost-saving composition of the committee should be ensured.

10.This regulation can only be changed in accordance with the provisos stipulated in the Statutes.

11.This Regulation became valid after being accepted by the I.C.S.C. Congress in 1996.



A.J. Boyce
Chair S.F.I.
    49 Whitton Close,
             West Bessacarr,
             Doncaster DN4 7RB


Honorary Secretary S.F.I.


President of I.C.S.C.






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