1st World Chess Championship for Disabled


  Dresden, Germany  21th - 29th  October 2013 



Once again the last round was really exciting. IM Andrei Obodchuk (Elo 2414) played against Mohammadreza Ghadimi (Elo 2146) and thus had the easier match compared to the two other leaders competing for first place IM Piotr Dukaczweski (Elo 2280) and FM Stanislav Babarykin (Elo 2319) who played against each other. In the end a draw was sufficient for Babarykin to win the World Cup because Obodchuk could not achieve more than a draw against Ghadimi despite his advantage in the final game having more pawns than his opponent. The world champion is from Russia and also belongs to the IBCA (International Braille Chess Association). He is not only World Chess Champion for Disabled, but at the same time World Chess Champion for Disabled IBCA. Although Babarykin already played against Aleksander Gerasimov (2175) in the 3rd Round, resulting in a draw, he was able to fight his way through several consecutive victories to the top of the table. Vice world champion is Andrei Obodchuk (Russia IPCA), third place goes to Stachańczyk Jacek (Poland IBCA ).

2° IM Andrei Obodchuk (Russia IPCA) - World Champion for Disabled 2013, FM Stanislav Babarykin (Russia IBCA)  - 3° FM Stachańczyk Jacek (Poland IBCA )


World Champion of the Blind and Visually Impaired is also Stanislav Babarykin (Russia blind I). Best player of the physically impaired and thus their World Champion is Andrei Obodchuk (Russia IPCA). The best player of the Deaf is Aleksander Gerasimov (Russia Deaf I), and became the World Champion of the Deaf.



Disabled IPCA                                                                                                Disabled IBCA

2° Balberov A. RUS - 1° Obodchuk A. RUS - 3° Bernardi R. ITA         2° Stachanczyk J. POL - 1° Babarykin S. RUS - 3° Dukaczewski P. POL



Disabled ICCD                                                                                          Players deaf chess

          2° Ghadimi M. GER - 1° Gerasimov A. RUS - 3° Varezhkin V. RUS

    Final ranking              Final ranking categories IBCA, ICCD and IPCA          Final ranking team








21.10.2013          20:00  Opening Ceremony

                            22:00  Technical Meeting and Drawing of lots

22.10.2013          09:30   Round 1


23.10.2013          09:30   Round 2


24.10.2013          09:30   Round 3


25.10.2013          09:30   Round 4


26.10.2013          09:30   Round 5


27.10.2013          09:30   Round 6


28.10.2013          09:30   Round 7

                            16:00   Closing Ceremony


29.10.2013                      Departure


Ramada Hotel Dresden

Wilhelm-Franke-Straße 90

01219 Dresden

E-Mail  dirk.jordan@schachfestival.de




The 1st World Chess Games for Disabled have begun

Dresden, Germany  24th - 30th October 2011

On the 25th of October the first World Chess Games for Disabled (WCGD) began with their official opening ceremony. Because of this event important people of the town Dresden were in attendance: the federal law consultant Martin Keeve as a substitution for the president of the German chess federation, the president of the "Kreissportbund" Dresden, Jürgen Flückschuh and the hotel manager of the RAMADA hotel, where the tournament takes place, Jan Burghardt. The opening ceremony also contained a brisk dance performance by Lisa-Marie Gräfe and Steve Hädicke, both from the dance club Galaxy Dresden, who moved the audience with their standard and latin dance. The event got a special meaning because of the presence of the presidents of the three world associations for disabilities: Michele Visco as president of the ICSC (International Committee of Silent Chess), Ludwig Beutelhoff, president of the IBCA (International Braille Chess Association), and the president of the IPCA (International Physically disabled Association), Zbigniew Pilimon, from Poland.

With 35 players from 6 nations, some traveled from India and Spain, the WCGD gains international interest and experts call this world championship of all disabilities a forerunner that will influence the history of chess immensely.

Participating in this tournament is a well known chess player: GM Thomas Luther. He is already seen as one of the top players of this tournament and holds a very special position: Luther was appointed as the official "FIDE Adviser Chess for Disabled" at the last world congress.

The World Chess Games for Disabled will be held at the RAMADA hotel Dresden until next Saturday, the 29th of October, and promise lots of good matches with interesting players and plenty of good chess.



Michele Visco, ICSC President-Ludwig Beutelhoff, IBCA President-Zbigniew Pilimon, IPCA President-Dirk Jordan, Chief Organizer





  Final ranking     Final ranking categories IBCA, ICSC and IPCA    Final ranking teams   Tournament Report



   Meeting IBCA-ICSC-IPCA  -  Dresden, Germany  25th February 2011




Meeting IBCA-ICSC-IPCA  -  Dresden, Germany  9th July 2010




Meeting IBCA-ICSC-IPCA  -  Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia  26th September 2010







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