Attention: To all Member-Countries

                29th I.C.S.C. Congress
                        St.Gallen, Switzerland  27th July 2008

The preparations for the 29th ICSC Congress are now complete. The following documents have been inserted in the ICSC Website :

a)  29th I.C.S.C. Congress Agenda
b)  28th I.C.S.C. Congress 2006 Minutes, Nyregyhza, Hungary
c)  I.C.S.C. Board Reports 2006 - 2007
d)  I.C.S.C. Congress Proposals & Motions
e)  I.C.S.C. Delegate Forms
f)   I.C.S.C. requests the acceptance of the delegates for the proposed amendments (highlighted in red) to the existing ICSC Statutes.

Hopefully the website documents will enable you to convert into your preferred language. Any problems please let me know. Again, Should you request word documents via the email, please do not hesitate in contacting me.
It is important that you bring these documents in paper to the Congress especially the Delegates authorisation forms otherwise you will lose your voting powers.
Please ensure that they are both signed and stamped.
It would be very useful if you could forward me the names of your country-member delegates attending the Congress, as well as acknowledge this email so that I would know that this email would be in your safe hands. Many thanks!


Yours in Chess,
Phillip Gardner
ICSC Secretary-General

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