22nd European Deaf Chess Clubs Championships

1st European Deaf Chess Teams Championships (Men\Women)


Baku, Azerbaijan  September 27 - October 04, 2015


1st European Deaf Chess Men's Team Championships

Poland, Gold Men's Team

Chojnowski Marcin-Strzelecki Jerzy-Lapaj Mateusz-Marczukiewicz Jerzy-Checiak Kryzysztof-Miozga Tomasz



Croatia, Silver Men's Team

Cechi Goran - Vujcic Toni - Bozinovic Bogdan - Svec Darko - Nikolic Emil


Ukraine, Bronze Men's Team

Babiy Petr - Kovalenko Vladimir - Ovcharov Taras - Filippskikh Oleksii - Zabolotny Volodymyr



                                Final Ranking                                       Team-Composition with round-results
                                  Tournament Report                                                                      


1st European Deaf Chess Ladies Team Championships

Ukraine, Gold Ladies Team

Gonchar Svitlana - Myronenko Natalya - Baklanova Tatiana



Croatia, Silver Ladies Team

Vuljanic Ana - Spilek Kristina


Poland, Bronze Ladies Team

Strzesniewska Joanna - Szewczyk Malwina



                                Final Ranking                                       Team-Composition with round-results
                                  Tournament Report                                                                      


22nd European Deaf Chess Clubs Championships

GSV Halle/S., Germany, Gold Club Team

Mende Holger - Jentsch Dieter - Kleemann Karl-Heinz - Ghadimi Mohammed Reza - Salov Sergey



Moscow, Russia, Silver Club Team

Lebedev Sergey - Pogoskin Roman - Chernov Igor - Smirnov Andrey - Petrov Alexey


London Deaf Chess Club, England, Bronze Club Team

Kreuzer Christopher - Dunn Richard - David Barry - Dunlop Neil - Gardner Phillip



                                Final Ranking                                       Club-Composition with round-results
                                  Tournament Report                                                                      


Look up website http://www.chess-results.com for 3 different events: Men's, Ladies and Clubs




Men's Team     
Ladies Team


The entry list:


As of the September 7, 2015 Form 1 submission deadline date, the following teams have registered for the event:
 22nd European Deaf Chess Championships for Club - 6
Moscow, RUSSIA - September 7, 2015 ( the date the Form 1 was received )
Deaf Chess Club, London, ENGLAND - September 7, 2015
GSV Halle/S., GERMANY - September 7, 2015
S.K. Biskop 97, Lund, SWEDEN - September 7, 2015
Alatau, KAZAKHSTAN - September 27, 2015
Baku, AZERBAIJAN - September 27, 2015



1st European Deaf Chess Championships for National Deaf Chess Teams (Men) - 6
AZERBAIJAN - September 7, 2015 ( the date the Form 1 was received )
UKRAINE - September 7, 2015
POLAND - September 7, 2015
ISRAEL - September 7, 2015
CROATIA - September 7, 2015
GERMANY - September 7, 2015


1st European Deaf Chess Championships for National Deaf Chess Teams (Women) - 5
AZERBAIJAN - September 7, 2015 ( the date the Form 1 was received )
UKRAINE - September 7, 2015
POLAND - September 7, 2015
CROATIA - September 7, 2015
LITHUANIA - September 27, 2015







The International Chess Committee of the Deaf (ICCD)

Azerbaijan Ministry of Sports and Youth

Azerbaijan Chess Federation

Azerbaijan Deaf  Sports Federation

Republican Chess Centre of Azerbaijan


Location and Terms

Competition will be held in Republican Chess Centre (Club) of Azerbaijan, which is located in the city centre of Baku (capital of Azerbaijan). Competition starts from 27 September 2015 (day of arrival) and finished on 04 October 2015 (day of departure).


Competition Program

All competitions will be conducted according to 7-round Swiss System

27 September – Arrival of the participants and captains meeting.

28 September – 11:00 Opening Ceremony

                           15:00 1st round

29 September – 09:30 2nd round

30 September – 09:30 3nd round

                           15:00 4th round

01 October – Day off

02 October – 09:30 5th round

                       15:00 6th round 

03 October – 09:30 7th round

                       17:00 Closing Ceremony and Banquet 

04 October – Departure of the participants




Nurali Mammadzada  (FIDE Id. 13402323).

Deputy arbiters will be FIDE licensed arbiters.


Time Control

The official FIDE rate of play is 90 minutes each player for the game with an increment of 30 seconds per move starting from move one.

All played games will be rated for the FIDE rating and FIDE chess international titles.

Any player who arrives at the chessboard 30 min after the start of the session shall lose the game.



The sum of scores in each game in a match is referred to as the board points. The team which scores more board points in a match than its opponents receives two match points, and the opponents receive no match points. In case a match ends in such a way that the sum of the board points is equal to that of its opponents, each team receives one match point. However, if both teams score 0 board points, both teams will receive no match points. The ranking will be made according to the match points. The team obtaining the highest number of match points will be declared the winner of the competition.

In the case of equal points, if the teams gain the same number of boards points, the following factors shall decide about their ranking:

a) the better result in the team matches according to the won and drawn games;

b) the mutual results of the teams who have gained the same number of points;

c) the better results at the first two boards in the tournament as a whole;

d) the best score with black in all matches starting with first board.



Registration Conditions

Form 1 – deadline: no later than 15 March 2015

Form 2 – deadline: no later than 15 May 2015

Form 3 – deadline: no later than 27 August 2015


Tournament “A”

22nd European Deaf Chess Championships for Clubs

Team Roster – 4 players + 1 player (reserve)


Tournament “B”

3rd Deaf Open Clubs Tournament

Team Roster – 4 players + 1 player (reserve)


Tournament “C”

1st European Deaf Chess Championships for National Deaf Chess Teams (Men)

Team Roster – 4 players  + 2 player (reserve)


Tournament “D”

1st European Deaf Chess Championships for National Deaf Chess Teams (Women)

Team Roster – 2 players + 1 player (reserve)


Tournament “E”

1st European Deaf Chess Championships for National Deaf Chess Teams (Juniors)

Team Roster – 2 players (Juniors) + 1 player (Girl)



a) The team captain must submit a list of players of the team in a fixed board order at the beginning of the tournament. This board order may not be changed during the tournament.

b) In the Deaf Chess European Championship, team captains must be deaf.

c) The participants must be members of their National Association or club of the deaf.

d) Persons are considered deaf and eligible if they have a hearing loss of at least 55 dB in the better ear (3-tone frequency average at 500, 1000, and 2000 Hertz ISO 1964 Standards).

a) The team captain must submit a list of players of the team in a fixed board order at the beginning of the tournament. This board order may not be changed during the tournament.

e) Every participant must submit to the ICCD an audiogram that is not more than one year old signed by a qualified audiologist. The form for this will be supplied by the ICCD.

Once the participant’s audiogram has been accepted by the ICCD, it is likely that no further testing will he required depending upon the type of the hearing loss.

If the audiogram has already been submitted for a previous ICCD event, it is not necessary to submit a new audiogram.

If the audiogram for the participant is not submitted by the country- member before any ICCD event, a fine (to be determined by the Congress) will be imposed. This participant will be required to undergo audiometric testing and expenses shall be met by the said country member.

f) If doubt arises as to the deafness of a participant the ICCD is entitled to submit that person to an ad hoc examination by a specialist and, if needs be, disqualify the person in question by deleting all the points scored by him and the country represented by him. That country must also meet all expenses for the medical examination. These expenses, however, must first be advanced by the complainant who shall forfeit their expenses, if the accusation is proved to be incorrect.

g) Participants are forbidden to wear hearing aids during competitions. If a participant is being caught to be wearing a hearing aid during the match, this participant shall forfeit the game.

The cochlear implants are considered equivalent to wearing hearing aids. The function of aids must be switched off during the competition.

h) By the words “player”, “participant”, both male and female competitors are meant.



The rights and duties of the team captain are as follows:

a) 15 min before the commencement of a round the team captain must submit to the Arbiter and the captain of the other team a list with the names of the players taking part in that round.

If a player fails to appeal at the board at the appointed time his adversary will get the points.

If a team is unable to participate in full strength, only the lower boards may be left out, and all players present must move up.

b) The captain is authorized, in his capacity as captain, to remain in the space reserved for the players, but it will be his duty to see that those of his team’s players who do not take part in that round or have finished their games do not remain in the said space.

c) At the end of play, the captain shall be responsible for reporting the results to the Arbiter as well as providing the latter with score sheets on which all terminated games are legibly recorded.

d) The captain must abstain from any intervention during play. He is, however, entitled to advise the players of his team to accept or make an offer of a draw, on condition that he does not make any comments concerning the present situation on the chessboard and confines himself to giving only a brief remark which can in no way be interpreted as an opinion about the possible end of the game.

Any communication between the captain and his players must be made under the control of the Arbiter or the captain of the other team.

e) The captain is entitled to nominate a deputy but is required to do so in a written form to the Arbiter.

f) Only the captain is authorized to lodge protests or any claims on the part of the players.

g) When duties as specified above have been carried out by the team captain, then the team captain must leave the playing area.

h) The assistant of a player does not have the same rights as the captain of the team and is regarded, at tournaments, as having the same rights and duties as an ordinary spectator.



Protests against any decision by the Chief Arbiter can be lodged by the team captain with the Council of Arbitration.

The complainant must deposit the fee (50 EUR) as security at the time the protest is lodged. This fee will be refunded if the decision is in his team's favor. If not, the ICCD shall be the beneficiary.

The Council of Arbitration includes the following people:

a) representative of the ICCD Board

b) two members

No member of the Council of Arbitration shall have the right to vote when decisions are debated involving his own country-member team. Not with standing this provision every member of the Council of Arbitration shall be entitled to take part in the discussion of any question submitted to the council.

A decision by the Council of Arbitration shall come into force immediately and it shall be final as regards the result of the tournament. The losing party may, however, bring the decision before the ICCD Congress, which shall then confine itself to declaring whether or not the decision was right, without this declaration affecting the result of the tournament.


Participation Fee

ICCD Treasurer will e-mail all countries-participants (after 15 March 2015) with an official invoice according to the information which was indicated in the Form 1.


Accommodation and Meals

Look at ENTRY FORM 2

Medical Insurance


All participants should obtain medical insurance, according to the European standards.

Currency exchange rate in Azerbaijan (01.01.2015):

One (1) Azerbaijan Manat (AZN) = One (1) Euro



1. For all CIS countries (Commonwealth of Independent States) - visa-free regime, except Turkmenistan. All citizens of CIS countries should obtain passport for travelling abroad.

2. Citizens of Israel and Turkey can get visa in the airport upon arrival, but only if they have official invitation from Azerbaijan Deaf Sports Federation.

3. Citizens of other countries should obtain visa in the Embassy of Azerbaijan.

(For example: Athletes from Germany should provide documents for visa to the Embassy of Azerbaijan which is located in Berlin.)

  4) Citizens of countries where there is no Embassy of Azerbaijan should obtain visa with the help of Deaf Sports Federation of Azerbaijan.



a) The competition is conducted in accordance with FIDE Law of Chess and ICCD Statutes and Regulations.

b) All participants are required to settle their obligations to the I.C.C.D. and the organizer before the start of the competition.

All participants must use the accommodations provided by the organizer according the FIDE official rules that can be found here: http://www.fide.com/images/stories/NEWS 2012/FIDE/FIDE Organise rs Manual.pdf (page 11 - C. GENERAL REGULATIONS FOR FIDE COMPETITIONS paragraph 12 of the Organization section).

If you have any questions, feel free to contact with Organizing Committee:

AZ-1009, Azerbaijan, Baku, Azerbaijan Ave. 42a,
Republican Chess Center (Club)
Tel.: +99450 663-00-72; +99455 808-44-48;
+99455 686-93-52 (SMS only)


Webpage: www.chessclub.az


E-mail: magicavia@mail.ru




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