German 1939-1945 Uniforms and gear repro pag. 1 - pag 2
This site is in NO WAY connected to any Nazi, racist, or anti semitic organizations. Nor is it intended to glorify any political organizations past or present. It's sole purpose is to provide replica items of a historical nature for those wishing to acquire them.

Uniforme mimetismo SS mod. 44 in cotone - estiva

M44 SS hbt cotton set Spot camo pattern

M44 SS Reversible hat - Oakleaf patt.

M44 SS Jump Smock & Panzer crew uniform

Uniforme Verde Canneto Cotone Spigato sul Mod. 1936 prodotta dal 1942

German "SS" Green cotton summer uniform

German WW2 HEER - LUFTW DAK Uniforms









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