German 1939-1945 Uniforms Badges and Insignia (Page 1 - 2 - 3) Reproductions
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Aquila Luftwaffe da cappello estivoAquila Luftwaffe

German Beret Eagles


Anello Luftwaffe

Luftwaffe "Meine Ehre Eist Treue" ring - marked RZM 800

Anello "SS"

SS ring - marked "Sterling"

Distintivo di ferita versione 1^ e 2^ classe

Distintivo ferita 3^ classe

Distintivo ferita 3^ classe

Distintivo ferita 3^ classe

Feldgendarmerie insignia

German Beret embroidered insignia

German "Luftwaffe" Badges

German "Airborne" Badge

Gradi da colletto per ufficiale SS

German "SS" collar ranks
German "Infantry Assault" Badge
German "General Assault" Badge
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