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Personal Information

MASSIMO      Franzoni's noble birth


Name:  Massimo
Surname:  FRANZONI
Date of birth:  18/04/1965
Place of birth:  Brugherio (Milan) - Italy
Town of Residence:
Cassano d'Adda (Mi)

Since 1969 I live in Cassano d'Adda where I attended the primary and secondary school. In 1985 I got my Certificate of Education in the field of company analizer and foreign languages correspondent at the Institute I.T.C. ARGENTIA in Gorgonzola (Milan). I speak fluently english, german and french. I have two twins brothers.



Name:  Marylène, Marcelle                  Surname:  SELO
Date of birth:  13/03/1962

Place of birth: Auray (Morbihan) - France
Citizenship:  French

I attended the primary and secondary school in France in Auray and I got my Certificate of Education at the Lycée Polivalente A. Lesage in Vannes (France). Besides I obtained a diplom of hostess in Angers (France) and Losanne (Switzerland). I also lived in England to improve my english. Besides french I speak fluently english, and of course italian. I lived in France until 1986; then I came to Italy where I married Massimo in 1987.



Near St. Tropez

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