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A.C. MILAN, the winner of the italian soccer league 1998/99

All the sports are good but for us the most exciting are the Formula 1 and Cycling.

We are so keen on them that every year we partecipate to the Italian Grand Prix in Monza and follow the Tour de France and the Giro d'Italia.

We are fans of Milan A.C. Soccer Team, Marco Pantani, Richard Virenque, Eric Zabel,  Michael Schuhmacher and Gerhard Berger.

Hereunder there are some links for you:



http://www.acmilan.it         Official site of Milan AC


http://www.letour.fr                 Tour de France, the Official Site

http://www.pantani.it               Marco Pantani Official Site


http://www.fia.com                FIA - The Official Site

http://www.f1-live.com             Formula 1 LIVE - Practices, Warm-up, Race

http://www.ferrari.it                  Ferrari Team Official Site

http://www.minardi.it                        Team Minardi Official Site

http://www.mclaren.co.uk                     Team McLaren-Mercedes Official Site

http://www.jordangp.com                 Team Jordan F1 Official Site

http://www.sauber.ch                           Team Sauber Official Site

http://www.prostgp.com                  Team Prost F1 Official Site

http://www.arrowsf1.com                 Team Arrows F1 Official Site

http://www.bmw.williamsf1.com          Williams-Bmw Official Site

http://www.benettonf1.com                 Benetton Official Site

http://www.britishamericanracing.com   BAR Official Site

http://www.jaguar-racing.com             Jaguar Official Site

http://www.michael-schuhmacher.de Michael Schuhmacher Official Site

http://www.barrichello.com.br         Rubens Barrichello Official Site

http://www.mikahakkinen.net            Mika Hakkinen Official Site

http://www.davidcoulthard.com        David Coulthard Official Site

http://www.hhf.de                        Heinz-Harald Frentzen Official Site

http://www.jarnotrulli.com                Jarno Trulli Official Site

http://www.villeneuve.com             Gilles & Jacques Villeneuve Site

http://www.eddieirvine.co.uk          Eddie Irvine's Official Site

http://johnnyherbert.co.uk                  Johnny Herbert Official Site

http://www.ralf-schuhmacher.net        Ralf Schuhmacher Official Site

http://www.jensonbutton.com            Jenson Button Official Site

http://www.fisico.com                       Giancarlo Fisichella Official Site

http://www.wurz.com                        Alexander Wurz Official Site

http://www.jean-alesi.com                 Jean Alesi Official Site

http://www.pedrodiniz.com                Pedro Diniz Official Site

http://www.mikasalo.net                    Mika Salo Official Site

http://www.pedrodelarosa.com          Pedro De La Rosa Official Site

http://www.verstappen.com               Jos Verstappen Official Site

http://www.marcgene.com                 Marc Gene Official Site

http://www.ricardozonta.com.br        Ricardo Zonta Official Site


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