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Since 1989 i work in Melzo (Milan) in a low temperature coldostore for foodstuffs where also meat are processed on behalf of a third party.

I'm financial and trading responsable of this company called Compagnia Italiana Generalfrigo S.p.A. (I realized the Company's website). It's a modern plant equipped with technological advanced machinery like automatic storing pallets system.

The coldstore capacity is of about 6.200 pallets at a temperature of -25C while the cutting rooms can produce about 100 t of meat daily.

I dont' want to be too much boring or do advertising to my company.


Generalfrigo, the coldstore            The company logo (Tm)  

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Finally, in 1998 I signed an indeterminate contract of french conversation language. After many years of short term contracts I obtained a definitive job.

My employer is therefore the  Italian Ministry of Education.

In the past I teached in several schools near Milan and Bergamo and now I teach in 2 different schools in the province of Bergamo . The towns are Treviglio at the Liceo Weil and Romano di Lombardia.


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