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RealSpectrum 10th Anniversary

Celebrating exactly 10 years since the first public release of the emulator, a special update was created for close friends on December 31st 2009. The main focus of the release was the inclusion of ZXMMC+ emulation, however a number of other small enhancements were also made for the occasion (e.g. ULAplus, cosmetic changes to the GUI and debugger, etc). The provided archive is an all-in-one re-packaging which contains all the required files to run the emulator.

Please read the enclosed file rs32.txt carefully for the documentation about the new features and a complete list of changes (see at the bottom).

RS32 all-in-one (2009)

MakeTZX 2.35 beta1

The MakeTZX utility is used to convert real ZX Spectrum tapes into TZX files suitable for Spectrum emulators and digital preservation purposes.
This unreleased version contains some bugfixes and introduces the -t switch which suppresses the generation of standard ROM blocks in favour of the turbo type (0x11).

The archive contains the user manual which describes the program features in detail.

As a complement to the command-line interface of the utility, a graphical front-end for Windows called MakeTZX-WinGUI was also produced.

MakeTZX 2.35b1 + WinGUI (2005), MakeTZX 2.34b1 source code (DOS, Win32, Linux, Amiga)

TZX Studio (unfinished)

This project was started in 2005 and it was intended to provide a fully integrated environment to create and manipulate TZX files for the Windows operating system. The application would eventually include a waveform sampler/editor, the MakeTZX-3 conversion engine and a Taper-like editor to conveniently modify TZX blocks. The project was very ambitious and unfortunately it was discontinued at an early stage.

When the development was abandonded, only the TZX editor was partially implemented. The MakeTZX-3 engine was reused in another emulator project.

TZX Studio (March 3rd 2006)

ZX Spectrum software

DISCiPLE / +D adaptations

Here are some MGT disk images containing programs modified to work on DISCiPLE, +D and UniDOS systems.

Mescaline Synesthesia demo (2009)
Original work can be found here

Miscellaneous Utilities

ZXMMC+ Control is a small diagnostic utility for the ZXMMC+ interface which can be used to test the hardware and SD cards.

ZXMMC+ Control (2009)
File format: Z80 snapshot

PKLZX is a PKLITE-compatible data decompressor written in Z80 assembler. Full source code provided, including PC utility to compress data.

PKLZX 0.999 (1997)
Code and documentation are in Italian

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