The MDG Dashboard presents the Millennium Development Goals indicators in a highly communicative format (see e.g. the gender equality World map below) aimed at decision-makers and citizens interested in the Millennium Development Goals and Sustainable Development. This free multilingual database provides over 60 MDG indicators for ca. 200 countries and 23 years (1990-2012) based on original United Nations statistics (updated in September 2014). The developers of this tool hope that these indicators will contribute to an informed debate about development policy options.

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(if you hesitate to install software, see the interactive demo or the preview (e.g. Human Development Index, HDI, aussi en français - tambien en español) or this 1 MB Word doc and decide afterwards...)

Download the methodology, the leaflet and the software manual

Several additional indicator sets, e.g. CGDEV's Commitment to Development Index, the World Economic Forum Environmental Sustainability Index  (ESI), the Ecological Footprint, World Bank Governance indicators and the Millennium Challenge Account (MCA) indicators are available - please contact the author.

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V52.1 of 28 September 2014, 0.85 MB CGSDI Dashboard software New: World maps, gap filler, manual

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The smallprint: We supply the "Dashboard of Sustainability" software "as is", and decline any responsibility for damages that could result from using it. By downloading the software tool, you accept this condition. Special thanks to the MASM 32 Support Forum and to those programmers who provided OpenSource tools included here: Sfx7Zip self-extractor by Altap based on Igor Pavlov's 7-Zip LZMA SDK, PNG support by Miyasaka Masaru. The UN CSD data compilation included in this package was done by John O'Connor and remains his intellectual property.

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