Frequenzimetro digitale 8 digit ATTEN


Eight-digit LED display  

Excellent operability  

Quickness, high resolution 


Frequency range: 10 to 2,700MHz  

Display: 8-digit LED  

Gate time: 0.01/0.1/1s  

Accuracy: +/- 1Hz +/- 1 count figure +/- time base accuracy  

Input sensitivity   10Hz to 10MHz: 20mV (Channel 1)   

10 to 100MHz: 25mV (Channel 1)  

100MHz-2700MHz: 25mV (Channel 2) 

Input impedance: one Mohm at Channel 1, 50 ohms at Channel 2  

Maximum input voltage  

250Vrms channel 1  

5Vrms channel 2  

Maximum aging rate: +/- 5ppm/year   Power input: 220V AC +/- 10V (50/60Hz)  

Power consumption: approximately 5W  

Dimensions (W x H x D): 230 x 210 x 76mm  

Weight: 1.8kg  

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