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Pic-Plot2 : a GPIB to USB converter

Pic-plot goes to USB... Without any additional adapter, the new Pic-plot2 directly communicates with your PC or laptop through the USB port. Gives faster downloads from your GPIB instrument and it is self-powered from the host PC: no need of DC adaptor.

Pic-Plot : a GPIB to RS-232 converter

Get rid of dry plotter pens or unclear camera snapshots of test instruments when reporting your lab test session. This adaptor will capture plots or prints of your GPIB instrument to your PC through the serial port.

3cm SSB transverter 

We describe here one of the two 10GHz SSB transverters we built around pieces of  LNBs  for satTV. Converts 3cm ham band from/to 432MHz IF, has 1W TX power and its Local Oscillator can be locked either to an internal OCXO or to an external frequency standard.
1W 10GHz Power Amplifier

NEW! We briefly describe here the 2-stages PA built to increase the power of the homebuilt transverter without impacting its originally compact design. 
Five by Twenty 

A true SSB transceiver built around just 5 vacuum tubes, with no transistors nor ICs. Superhet receiver with AGC and S-meter drives a loudspeaker, 5W transmitter. Very stable VXO uses CB crystals to cover 20m Ham band.
Five by Twenty
GPS-based universal clock generator

For your microwave frequency counter you don't need a Cesium-beam clock inside your lab when there are at least five flying at 20000Km above you. Locking on the 10KHz output of a Rockwell GPS module we built a 10ppb accurate frequency reference. 

GPS-based precision clock
KENWOOD TH-D7 NMEA bug fixer

Almost all APRS enthusiasts know that earliest version of this popular Kenwood transceiver is not always compatible with latest GPS models. We found a solution....

TH-D7 NMEA snipper

GPIB to USB with Pic-Plot

Let's help you to put together a Pic-plot and an inexpensive USB to serial converter. 

Pic-plot w/USB dongle
Other projects are on going: visit us from time to time and find new ones!  
The projects presented in these pages are our own design and have been tested and verified by ourselves at the best we can. However, they might be inspired by concepts, ideas, solutions coming from known-art or free resources on the Web. We provide them as  reference designs to skilled hobbyists and technicians  who are willing to reproduce them for non-commercial use. Your results might be different from ours and we cannot be considered responsible for that. Similarly, we are not responsible for any damage or injury you might incur while building, assembling or using the equipments, projects or ideas presented in these pages. The firmware embedded in our projects is our property unless differently stated and when available in the Download Area it is license-free only for non-commercial purposes.  

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