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Ham Radio Activity Pages
Ham radio is a significant part of our background, but we are more interested to the technical part of this hobby.  
Getting on air is not just for talking, but is an extension of our bench tests, playing with the equipments we built and enjoying the thrill of communicating just with our own resources. This is also why we have recently focused our interest in microwaves, where you have to build almost everything. More than with QRP, you get by return the highest fun/$ and fun/mW ratio! 


 Summary of Microwave pages
Our 10GHz rover stations

A nice part of microwave activity is to go outdoor and make the contacts (as long as it is nice weather). This is really portable activity, needing some optimization and ideas to get all things working flawlessly. We are beginners, but we didn't want to reinvent the wheel, thus we took some inspiration on the Web from more experienced  microwavers. Hopefully, we did some improvements...

The MicroWave contacts we made

While being very far to set  new records, we had great fun with every single contact we tried. Even at the first test from a corner of a room to the opposite one, we felt the challenges of being a microwave operator. In this page we keep a Logbook of the 10GHz contacts we have been able to establish with our equipments, together with a photo gallery and some comments

The 3cm SSB transverter  we built

Also listed in Our Projects page,  we describe here one of the two 10GHz SSB transverters we built around pieces of  LNBs  for satTV. There are faster and easier ways such as commercial kits, but the fun/$ ratio is much lower. And we learned a lot too...
A 1W Power Amplifier upgrade for the 10GHz transverter

We briefly describe here the 2-stages PA built to increase the power of the transverter without impacting its originally compact design.
GPS-based universal clock generator

As expected when we presented this project some time ago, a perfect application is in microwave ham stations. Frequency accuracy is a key factor for a successful long range SSB microwave contact, together with stable antenna mount, accurate beaming and good propagating conditions: only the last factor should be the one out of your control. 

GPS-based precision clock
An experimental  10GHz beacon

Soon we learned how much important is to have a reference signal in the 3cm band to make on-the-air tests of equipments and antennas. To help ourselves and the hams in our area that will (sooner or later) start-up their activity on this band we have built a 3cm CW beacon, identified as IW9ARO/B. While we write this page, you can check its location and status at the site


Antennas, feeds and cables
Few mW at microwave frequencies can do miracles if you have a good antenna setup, and at 10GHz gains in the range of 30~35dB are very manageable for amateurs. Home building microwaves antennas can be easy and difficult at the same time: small sizes allows simple structures and light materials, while mechanical tolerances become very tight.  We just started working in this field, and we like to present our early results. 

Note: this section is new and some pages are still under construction: we try to find the time to put more and more.  
The projects presented in these pages are our own design and have been tested and verified by ourselves at the best we can. However, they might be inspired by concepts, ideas, solutions coming from known-art or free resources on the Web. We provide them as  reference designs to skilled hobbyists and technicians  who are willing to reproduce them for non-commercial use. Your results might be different from ours and we cannot be considered responsible for that. Similarly, we are not responsible for any damage or injury you might incur while building, assembling or using the equipments, projects or ideas presented in these pages. The firmware embedded in our projects is our property unless differently stated and when available in the Download Area it is license-free only for non-commercial purposes.  

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