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Two ways that I experienced to create paper models from scratch

» SketchUp Pro and Pepakura
» SketchUp Free with Waybe
» The final result

The first way: SketchUp Pro and Pepakura Designer

Google SketchUp is a simple and RAD (rapid development) 3D CAD that can be used to design paper models in a few steps:


the PRO version (trial available) is needed in order to export the 3D data to Pepakura Designer. You can export the 3D model data from this menu:

File -> Export -> 3D Model...

then select the "Google Earth 4" file format (suitable for Pepkura).

Pepakura Designer (trial available) is a powerful program that allows you to create paper craft models from 3D data. Pepakura Designer is developed in Japan and has been translated to English:


From Pepakura you can translate the 3D model to a plain 2D printable format:

  • Load the created 3D data into Pepakura Designer
  • Push Unfold button and create a development
  • Edit the development in order to make the construction effortlessly
  • Lastly print and assemble them

    The second way: SketchUp Free with Waybe plugin

    A SketchUp plugin called Waybe (30 days trial available) can be installed into the free version of Google SketckUp:


    This plugin allows to translate the 3D model to a plain 2D printable format directly from Google SketchUp free:


    A lots of sample and video tutorials are also availables from Waybe site.

    The final result

    By both ways... this is a final result (in both cases):

    Builded tank sample (model available from Waybe site)

    Happy modelling :-)
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