Guido's Paper Works

Guido's Paper Works

Simply paper, scissors, glue and a lot of patience... cut, fold and paste



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What's New (from last to first)

  • I'm still alive :)
  • This site is up and running again... new models coming soon :)
  • The 1st. Cubeecraft Fan Club contest (rules here) Join everyone!
  • I'm currently working to publish a very little Stonehenge model :)
  • A little site design changes
  • New models added
  • Added links to downloads free models of gallery
  • Added downloads counter to download area
  • Added two free paper models to download area
  • 100 visits since opening.. :-)
  • Added some links to Friendly Sites page
  • Added hit counter to main page
  • Paper Works models galery done
  • First site public release
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