Mohawk plan
I think that it is a great thing to make public plan of a kite. Robert Randolph, constructor of mohawk and spike ( produces now a new version of the kite called XS and decide to give to builders the plan of old can see some video of the kite here
to download the plan you have to use this password
user: gabponte
password: download
click on download on the right or on the photo
download "misure.xls"

original structure:p200 leading edge and spine,5pt lower spreader,3mm standoff
other infos here or click on roll bars image
you can download
-sail plan of mohawk in new layout
either A4/A0
-plans in pdf of other two different layout (one similar to the original,other to mohawk xs layout)

click on download and do the login
ROBERT announce on GWTW
I report the thread of Robert
Posted - 08/26/2007 : 03:27:52 AM

The original mohawk is no longer for sale. (It hasn't been for about 2 months). It was a pretty fun kite, a lot of things it did very very well, and a lot of things it did very not so well.

Since I'm not making money from the kite anymore, and those who bought one seem to be quite happy with theirs, I thought it would be a nice thing to release the plans to the kite publically.
If someone decides to do the mohawk and wants to send me the photos of his kite or of his work to build the MOHAWK I'll publish the photos here...
for send me the photos use the e-mail of the login
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