SLASH is the first of 2 children in a family that started out in UK and then moved to USA in 1976, when SLASH was 11.

In the mid ‘70s his parents separated and Slash moved to his grandmother for a while.

SLASH’s grandmother has been a very important figure in his life, he always talks about her with affection and she was also the one to give him his first guitar(Slash was about 15 years old at the time)!!!

It only had one string on but it was a guitar!

And it was very important particularly because SLASH was having troubles founding his place in this different world (usa) and the guitar helped a lot!


SLASH’s mother is a black American lady, her name is Ola and she was (is??) a clothing designer, most famous some costumes for David Bowie.




SLASH’s father (Antony) was also into music business, he provided art direction for record albums, among the others he worked for Joni Mitchell and Neil young.

This one is a picture taken on 2005 for a mini magazine (“life” THANKS to Serena!!!), SLASH is with his mum and dad, click on the photo to read the related short article .


Ash Hudson is SLASH’s brother, younger then him, he is also an artist as he owns and founded in 1989 a graf line called “conart


Who’s Renée Suran?

Renée is SLASH’s first wife, they got married in October 10th, in Marina del Ray California, it was the 1992. Renée was (is?) an actress and a model but we never saw her around, there are not many pictures of Renée and SLASH together and they kept their family life very private, we know she is from Chicago and that right in Chicago, at her parents home SLASH started playing pinball that eventually became one of his passions!

The two both appeared on the Howard Stern movie “private parts”

Renée was always described as sweet and very much in love with SLASH, in 1995 SLASH said that his wife asked him to write a song for her and that he dedicated “I hate everybody but you” to her …

SLASH and Reneè divorced in late 1997, again not much talking about the event.





Soon SLASH met a young fascinating lady (we’re not sure if she was born in 1972 or 1973), they’ve been knowing each other since many years and started dating seriously!



A lot more is known about his present family since Perla is always following her husband, even now (june 2004) with an almost 2 years old baby and another on the way!

the only way to keep the family tight since SLASH should be on tour for a long time now!



Perla Ferrer and SLASH got married in October the 15th (2000) in Maui with a beautiful ceremony on the beach!

We had the chance of seeing quite many pictures of the event this time and they both looked beautiful and very much in love!

Perla looks like a strong but sweet woman who very much like participating to her husband business, she took care of his official web site (we don’t know how much she’s involved in it right now) and of the fan club, she is always at his side supporting and giving a hand, she helped out with merchandising on SLASH’sSnakepit times!

Also she’s been said to be very nice and friendly with the fans she meets at the concerts!

Perla gave SLASH his first child!




















London Emilio Hudson was announced by the couple in early February 2002, perla had quite many troubles with this first pregnancy and had to spend a lot of time on bed while, she said, SLASH was a perfect Husband and father.

On August the 28th London was born perfectly healthy and quite heavy!

SLASH loves his baby with all his heart and soul and try to spend his time with him as much as possible!

Once we heard that London was called Slice by many family friends because he looks like a little SLASH slice!

This sounds sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





Let’s talk about the new coming baby also!

Yes because as you know the couple is waiting for their second child that should see the light at the end of June (22nd??)!

They already announced the name of the baby that will be Cash Antony Hudson … try to imagine the confusion in the house when all SLASH, Cash and Ash will be around…like around a Xmas tree!!!

A lot of wishes from the deep of our hearts to this beautiful family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!







Beautiful and healthy like his brother!

This is the only picture we have of Cash and he is about to get two years old!





If someone knows something is wrong or want to update us please do it!