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diary of a sweet day
"sound ambiances from everyday life".



curated by french artist pyo.

Positions 9 to 32 collaborative project is now available for download.
It consist of more than 2 hours of my music manipulated, transformed, destroyed and re-arranged by Chiste, Thanos Chrysakis, Emanuela De Angelis, Eien, Every Kid On Speed, Rafael Flores, Ieva, Carl Kruger, Molair, Ben Owen, B.Phenix, Pirandelò, Pyo, Carlos Santos, Seb, Ralf Siemers, Staplerfahrer, Urkuma, Andre Valle and Paul Yates.



'Looking Back Ain't No Way Forward'
Freely downloadable Christmas Compilation avaliable at Highpoint Lowlife website.

Featuring music from:
Colphon , Bovaflux, Psapp, Marshall Watson, Oakum, a collaboration between Fisk Industries and Marshall Watson, Motion, Si-cut.db, Emanuela De Angelis (featuring vibes samples from stefano tedesco aka ector), The Apologist, N.LN, and The Village Orchestra.


Sonic Scope 04 :: The Portable Edition

released by grain of sound
co curated by eric besnard (baskaru records xstream radio)

a cd compilation comprising music from the partecipants of the sonic scope 04
fonoteca municipal de lisboa

featuring original music from:

manuel mota, quiet american, urkuma, last time this happened we had a street party, fabriquedecouleurs, stapletape, pyo., soundtrap., emanuela de angelis, asamo, percevalmusic, pirandèlo, pelforte, audiopixel, cat or die, davide balula, the patriotic sunday, the producers.


webexclusive at highpoint lowlife:

Recon // White Label Deconstruction
Companion piece for Recon : White Label
featuring vocal by emanuela de angelis

enjoy this + more webexclusives and make a donation to the label!


eda's track contours is in the xstream radio top ten
that's cool, merci!!


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London Placard 04

Some photos and reviews of the london placard 04- headphone festival are avaliable at:

The Festival is organised by a network of London-based promoters, labels and artists: highpoint lowlife records, coombe records, idoia, murmer, [no.signal], yaxu paxo, midRange, state51 and the slow sound system.