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mou, lips! duo discography.
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various artists
netmage 04
the wire

mou, lips! on Netmage compilation given away to all subscribers toThe Wire issue 239 january 2004 (promotional item only).
the track "Letter (from home)" has been selected for the Netmage compilation released on january by The Wire.
on the compilation: Scanner, Kim Cascone, Makkio (Otolab), z_e_l_l_e, Thomas Köner/Asmus Tietchens, Richard Chartier, [The User], Radian, Rechenzentrum, Teamtendo, Wang Inc., Xavier Saule.

various artists - soundezufuromunobuhere_boru.one soundzfromnowhere vol.1ne
(sfn#7) (full length 2xcd-r_compilation);

postcards/snowing biciclettes .tape.

this cd is released by the spanish paper magazine "champu fanzine". the cd include 10 .tape. tracks + 6 remixes from blue baboon, darky, frz, anorak, imtech and mou, lips!.

praemedia 2003.


compiled from 3 years worth of recordings, from live sets to mastered tracks, our new compilation “praeface” stands as a guide to where praemedia has been and where, as a new label, it is going. tracing various intersections of genres from improvisational jazz to plunderphonic electronics to field recordings, diverse splinters and fragmented roots sprout off into calm matrixes of sound. From Japan (Haco) through new york (the g old sparkle band) to italy (mou, lips!), the sounds merge in san francisco. pioneers of networked computer music (tim perkis) mix with modern masters (Wobbly), alongside unheard musicians and odd collaborations. avant-jazz damaged blues sparks drum and bass roots to forage in an electrostatic world. for all the monstrous mutations and shattered boundaries, the effect is soothing tranquility. music for the ears. rpecious gifts of sound open up in small fragments across the landscape of the disc, referencing comfortable moments of the familiar and merging them with a childlike fascination for the new.

various artists
audible still-life

stasisfield 2003


A major undertaking of nine months in the making, audible still-life is a compilation CDR and online exhibition featuring multidisciplinary artworks derived from still-life. the stasis_space exhibit contains mp3 audio, digital video and photography by 21 artists from around the globe, while 17 of those artists contributed exclusive tracks made from the source material in the exhibit for the compilation disc.

featuring works by glenn bach / jeremy boyle / john hudak / i+o / neil jendon / john kannenberg / ethan koehler / koura / mou, lips! / jon mueller / plank / hal rammel / trace reddell / steve roden / sawako / schoenecker / + malte steiner

mou, lips!- peanuts and shells geometria
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mou, lips! mp3 releases:

- "la danza della seppia rossa" mp3 ep

- "Nord Me" mp3 ep
Observatory On Line( Skylab sub label)


- "Merely Reflect" 1'48''
8bitrecs 2002


second release on soundzfromnowhere vol.1ne 2003


- "the sound of the computers"
radiotopia project 2002


second release on soundzfromnowhere vol.1ne/cd-r compilation 2003; (march03)
- "how a picture can sound" on homemadeavantgarde.vze.com

mou,lips! Sound-design\ installations:

"Deep Blue Ocean of Emptiness"
video by Bianco-Valente
music by mou, lips!
presented 8 november 2002 on "unitŕ minima di senso", exhibition by Bianco-Valente at Alfonso Artiaco gallery (Pozzuoli, Napoli).
the soundtrack is also available on the on line sub label of Skylab operations records as part of "nord me" mp3ep release.

"Ludus Perennis Ludus"

Exhibition by Beato Maestro del Provvisorio
sound design by mou, lips!
LUDUS PERENNIS LUDUS - Convergenze nel vuoto - Auto installazioni di forme in studio & Fluido scorrere" exhibition-installation by Beato Maestro del Provvisorio presented at Loreto Aprutino (Pescara, Italy), Teatro comunale Luigi De Deo. from 28 december 2002 until 03 january 2003