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MHE 2823 Solar Cell Strip Integration Equipment On Satellite Panels

MHE 2823 is a set of laboratory tools to manipulate strip of photovoltaic cells (previously soldered by means of ASE 2160 equipment).

Solar cell strips are picked up from ASE 2160 bed using a manual vacuum comb. Placed down on a special table, they are rotated upside down and equally spaced. Once re-aligned, the strips of cells are picked up a second time by means of vacuum tool and placed of final satellite panel, previously coated with adehesive rosin.
Integration step (the operation of building up the whole panel with solar cell strips) is performed on a tiltable frame, part of the MHE 2823 set. On this frame panels can be precisely referenced. on two sides of the frame a dowel pin comb allows all the tools to be repetitively positioned to achieve a positioning precision of 0.1 mm.
To assure the right force, during rosin polimerisation, on each cell is applied a definite pressure by means of a dedicated tool with independent and self-levelling interchangeable blocks.

Light, but rigid, aluminium structure.
Photovoltaic cell handling / transport with vacuum tool
Fast format change following cell pattern on panel
Table to rotate strips up-side down and to align cells
Panel support frame for cell integration. Adjustable work level, by electric motor, and tiltable top to ease dispensing of rosin.
Tool to apply individual weight to each cell during rosin polimerisation.

Non relevant information. All cell trasport, alignment, rosin dispensing are manual.

220 volt/50 Hz
(Panel Integration Frame)
Vacuum: -1 bar

 DIMENSIONS (long x wide x tall)  a) 2900 x 2400 x 1200 mm
b) 2400 x 1350 x 1000 mm
c) 2700 x 300 x 180 mm
d) 2700 x 60 x 105 mm
 WEIGHT  n.d.
 a) Panel Integration Frame
 b) Table to rotate cell strip
 c) Strip Handling Vacuum Comb
 d) Rosin Polimerisation Pressure Tool

The manufacturer reserves the right to vary any of the above specifications without prior notice
(c) 2001 - EQUI-TEC srl