EQUI-TEC s.r.l., located in Lugo (Ravenna), at its premises in via Gessi 43, in a building measuring about 1.400 sq.m., designs and manufactures automatic and semi-automatic machines for insertion and reflow of Single-in-Line, Dual-in-Line, Quad e Zig-Zag Lead Frame terminals.

Established in 1980 as an offshoot of TECNOELETTRONICA which began in 1970, our company enjoyed the opportunity of getting to know - thanks to seminars and conferences - the "Thick Film" micro-electronic technology which was then spreading from the USA to Europe.

In 1972 we attended Nepcon West at Anaheim (California) together with the French company Comatel for the first time, with a machine for inserting wire wrap pin on electronic boards. Further involvement with the new, emerging technology - also thanks to our meetings with the companies in this field - led us to develop the first dedicated machines. In the period between 1972 and 1992, TECNOELETTRONICA first, then EQUI-TEC produced over 500 machines for lead-frame insertion and for assembling connectors, well suited to the rapid evolution of this technology, and which have always enjoyed full customer appreciation.

During the period of time mentioned above, most machines were produced for the French company Comatel which then distributed them around the world, including America and Japan. Attendance at specialized fairs in Europe, the U.S.A. and Japan - in close co-operation with Comatel - brought EQUI-TEC into direct contact with the most important companies around the world: JVC in Japan, Philips in Holland, Siemens, Blaupunkt, Bosch, Assmann, Alcatel Sel in Germany, Welwyn in the UK, Tadiran in Israel, Ericsson in Sweden, Nokia and Aspo in Finland, Marconi and Italtel in Italy, AT&T, IBM, HP, Honeywell, Cypress in the U.S.A. to mention only the major names.

The professional competence of our company today is based on over twenty-seven years' experience in designing automation machinery dedicated to the electronics industry.

The crisis that the electronics business went through in the early '90s and the rapid evolution of the technology, which called for faster and faster pace, drove EQUI-TEC to renew its product range, designing its machines in a more versatile fashion and adapting them to various kinds of contacts. Today EQUI-TEC co-operates with the main manufacturers of terminals, such as NAS Interplex (USA), Batten & Allen (UK) and Proner Comatel (France) and can produce state-of-the-art systems in the field of micro-electronics, providing solutions based on specific customer requests.

The decision to keep to high standards of technical perfection throughout production was only one of the reasons which won our company the trust of such important companies as SIEMENS (for whom EQUI-TEC is considered to be a technology partner), AT&T, ALCATEL SEL, BOURNS, CELESTICA, C-MAC, ERICSSON, IBM, KOSTAL, LEUZE OPTOELECTRONIC, METALLUX, MINICIRCUITS, MITEL, MOTOROLA, PHILIPS, SCHILLER, TECDIS, TEMIC, TYCO ELECTRONICS, VISHAY, WELWYN.

Our company has also become a favourite supplier for some aerospace companies such as ALENIA thanks to our proven professional skills in designing and making the product.
Our manufacture of automation and production lines for the companies mentioned above show our capacity for adapting to the needs of a quickly and constantly evolving technology.

The wide product range includes machinery for welding hybrid circuits, insulated wires, transformers and PLCC and has satisfied the needs of manufacturers of air-bag controls, voltage stabilizers, hard disk heads and telephone transformers. The company also has had a long experience in the field of connector assembly lines and in that of automatic testing machines for resistive networks, hybrid circuits and voltage regulators for cars.

In 1997, new models were designed and added, extending the range of solutions offered for applications in the field of micro-welding: these are machines which use reflowing and resistance welding technologies. For this latest application, EQUI-TEC has earned the exclusive dealership for Italy and Germany for a US leader in the manufacture of electrodes and thermodes for every type of welding machine, and can provide after-sales service for specific customer needs.

EQUI-TEC provides its customers with its know-how, its many years' experience and its technical skills for making new projects. This is why it enjoys the trust of all its customers and is an important point of reference for solutions in the field of industrial automation for micro-electronics.

Also, thanks to our high degree of know-how, EQUI-TEC in 1998 developed an innovative and competitive PCB load/unload unit, as well as solutions for transporting PCB, especially designed in order to rationalize and improve the throughput of the assembly lines of electronic boards.
Special features of the load/unload unit include its small size and the possibility of working without using compressed air, a revolutionary novelty for this kind of product.
The LUL 9803 load/unload unit has been designed and planned to adapt to various kinds of storage systems and can be used during processing on automatic assembly lines for electronic boards of various sizes.
Regarding movement of electronic boards, EQUI-TEC provides two devices called OBC for orthogonal movement and LBC for linear movement. These devices are intended for moving electronic boards during the various stages of production for purposes of rationalization and optimization. EQUI-TEC has obtained some patents, making these systems innovative and competitive on the marketplace. These are versatile products for specific use in the electronics industry, and they can also be used in other fields, such as the food, the pharmaceutical and the chemical industry. Since they are modular, these systems are very flexible and suitable for any kind of need.

Being a dynamic and flexible company which has made customized planning/production one of its strong points has been the winning card to find its place among the giants of electronics: the market niche which has been conquered is the "added value" of







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