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"A Strange Site" was born on October 10th, 2001: I published four html pages to support a curriculum vitae, they were poor of contents and of a very simple design, but were rich of  "vbscript" and "jscript" code. I was very satisfied with that and  I thought it would be a pity to abandon it. So, I decided to continue my site cutting of the bulk of code written for demonstration (some pages, for example "ephemerides" and "tris" ones, contain a lot of code up to now) and improving the subjects. It was not difficult because I have many hobbies and, moreover, I have had a valid help from whom contributed in what, over time, has become a project. 


"A Strange Site" is fruit of the curiosity and just for this it is a divulger site; the motor that moves it is Socrates's saying: "I know that I don't know". So I look up, over clouds, where the sky, neat and shiny, is always blue. 


Alessandro Strano

(Italy - webmaster, photos, handbooks, software, species identification)



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About the WebMaster

Alessandro Strano took the degree in "economy and commerce" in 1998 at University of Catania. He is interested in computer science since 1990.


Scientific publication citing the webmaster:

- Atlante fotografico dei Neuropterida della fauna italiana (2016)

- Biodiversity Journal n° 9 December 2012, p. 454



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Alessandro Strano