Searching for Crazy Cow.


It's not only typical of present days to give meat to the cattle. Let's read what wrote Marco Polo about that.


«You must know that they give fishes to oxen, camels and  rams. They do so because in that country there is not grass; their country is the aridest in the world.»

Marco Polo, Marco Polo's Book, 191




Going Southwards.

If we have a trip from the  northern to the southern hemisphere, we can see other stars, that is due to the earth sphericity. The pole star, for example, appears lower and lower  till it disappears below horizon line. For people who thought that earth were flat that was an extraordinary event.

«I'll tell you something that everybody will consider just a marvellous thing: this island is so southwards that the pole star is not visible at all.»

Marco Polo, Marco Polo's Book, 162



Cultural Filter.


When we describe something we'll do that using our knowledge. So rhinoceros seems to people who haven't seen one of them  just like that Unicorn exalted by legends.


«There are many Unicorns that are big just like elephants, they have coat just like buffaloes, their feet are just like those of elephants and have a big horn in the center of  their forehead. It's not how we say that they let themselves catch by a young girl.»

Marco Polo, Marco Polo's Book, 191


Our Fears.


«We are worried about things that often aren't important. They are nothing, but our imagination makes that nothing big like mountains.»

Blaise Pascal, Pensées, 85