Total Quality.

If we would say what "total quality" means, using only a few words, we could say: "respect for people". Respect for people (customers, providers or subordinates) is ethically appreciable and, furthermore, it causes  increase of productivity, sales and reduction in costs; let's see how:

providers: a good collaboration with providers causes reduction in costs of supplying and storage-charges (for example using a "just in time" system) and, furthermore, it can causes improvement in the quality of raw materials and, therefore, in the quality of finished goods;

subordinates: subordinates work with motivation and collaborate to the solution of problems if they are in an organization that is hospitable, thoughtful , willing to listen to their exigencies, suggestions  and to emphasize the capacity of each one of them (increase of productivity, improvement in quality of goods);

customers: if the customer is satisfied with goods he will continue to buy them and talking about it with his acquaintances the firm will gain new customers (increase of sales).

Alessandro Strano


Giants, Cyclopes or Mammoth?


«In the caves of Sicily not far from coast near Messina and also near Palermo and Trapani there are fossil remains of little elephants of the Ice-Age. They were shorter than present elephants but their crania, their long bones and ribs had to seem to their discoverers of a surprising height because Mediterranean people of those times didn't know elephants. Who looked at those crania was surely surprised to see a big hole in the center of forehead, near eyes-sockets in human crania. Empedocles (492-433 B.C.) wrote about discoveries made in those caves. He thought they were evidence of  an extinct race of giants.»

Othenio Abel, Animali del Passato