The Sense of  "Clan".


The styluses of conduction of the human resources are set between two extreme that are the authoritative system based on the hierarchy and  the command, and that one based on the self-control and the co-ordination. The management should prefer the realization of a model based on the partnership because it's more efficient the firm in which the "human resources" activate themselves in an autonomous way in order to do their own assignments. In order to do that it's necessary a great effort: the personnel should be motivated on the base of the "staircase of the values" in order to acquire that sense of affiliation to the group (sense of  "clan": the employee must feel like a member of a big family whose maintenance he contributes in a substantial way) essential for the result of this style of conduction. That doesn't mean that the hierarchy must be annulled because it's necessary that the different parts of the firm operate for the attainment of the common objective, but it means that the co-ordination must replace the authoritarian command.

Alessandro Strano



A Marine Monster.

We don't know everything about our planet, let's read the following passage from an article published on the news "Famiglia Cristiana".

«A boat of New Zeland for the scientific research found a giant calamary, eight meters tall and about a ton of weight [...]. Ellen F., scientist of the NIWAR, say that the giant calamaries are very rare and the science knows very little about the life and the habits of these animals.»