Hiroshima 6/8/1945.

The «scientific discoveries aren't a good or a bad thing themselves, but they can be used in a good or a bad manner» (Teller,  mentioned in K. Heinar, Sul Caso di  J. R. Oppenheimer). But «with sadness we see that one of the most disconcerting contradictions tormenting our society is that, while we speak about situations of uneasiness, poverty and hunger, on the other side we use the discoveries of the science, the realizations of the technique and the economic resources to create terrible tools of ruin and death» (Giovanni XXIII, Pacem in Terris).


«They were the first hours of a beautiful calm hot day. The leaves of the trees flickered, reflecting the  light of the sun shining in a clear sky. I was suddenly dazzled by a flash of light that was followed immediately by an other. The scene that formerly seemed bright, now it became dark, the objects became vague. Through the nimbi of dust I was able to distinguish a column of wood that formerly was a pilaster. Now that column was twisted. Little by little the objects around me took consistence. I detected the uncertain outlines of other people, some of them seemed walking ghosts.»

Michihiko Hachiya, Diario di Hiroscima



Emphasizing the Products.

Each product, and each service too, isn't destined to satisfy an individual need but more needs; in fact sometimes we speak about products saying "bundle of utilities". It's important to individualize the needs satisfied by the product (we can use market researches) in order to know the points of force of our products compared with concurrent ones in the different segments of the market.  So the firm will be able to individualize the characteristics that it have to exalt in the promotional activities.

Alessandro Strano