The "Nuraghi".


«The "nuraghi" are for Sardinia a bit like the Pyramids for Egypt. Their position and the existence of wells reserved for situations of emergency reveal their function: they were buildings of military defense. Most of  the "nuraghi" were built before the Phoenician and Carthaginian colonization, for the individual defense of little local states. When the Sardinia was colonized the "nuraghi" changed their function from internal defensive system to a system of resistance to the invaders. The name "nuraghe" in which the root "nur" means "hollow heap", hollow construction, hollow castle, reveals the essential architectural form of this building.»

Giovanni Lilliu, Le Vie d'Italia


The Courage.


What is the "courage"? Not the arrogance to face with dangerous situations.


«The knowledge of dreadful things and of the things that are not dreadful... this is the courage.»

Plato, Protagoras, 360d


«The Pythagoreans knew it very well that the courage is the science of  things we must avoid, and of things we can face, according to our reason.»

Iamblichus, On the Pythagorean Life, 190