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Italian web page for the foreign Goonies

This is  the English version of my web page.  It's for foreign people and, who know, if one day a Goonie will watch my web page...

In 1985, when I was 12, I watched a movie that I would have dreamt about for long time. Treasure Hunt, chases and friendship. All this was what Goonies were all about. I would have never imagined to go to such a marvellous place where the movie was set, 13 year later. And my dreams came true...

In this web page you'll be hold all the things happened from my journey on

Me at Cannon Beach 1998

This web page is dedicated to the movie The Goonies, my vacations in Oregon , my amateur movie "The Italian Goonie" 2004/2005, The Goonies Never Say Die Reunion 3-5 June 2005, The Italian Goonies Fans Meeting (October 2005), the Goonies Collection and my meeting with Josh Brolin, Sean Astin, Jeff Cohen, Martha Plimpton, Ke Huy Quan, Kerri Green, Corey Feldman. Unfortunately I didn't translate all my pages. These are in Italian (you'll watch the pictures!) but I'll update it in English as soon is possible...

The 25th Anniversary :


Group photo at Ecola State Park

April 2007: Two "Astorians" in Italy! Usually Goonies Fans go to visit Astoria. This time two great Astorians ladies come here to visit Italy. You can watch some pictures of Mickey and Marialana here!

A new page with pictures about A White Astorian Christmas 2008

Next pages are in English :

My meeting with Sean Astin I met him before the Reunion and...

The Italian Goonie (the short movie I shot in Oregon)

The Italian Goonies Fans Reunion October 2005

Astoria 2007

Me at Cannon Beach 2007

A special thanks to all the people who helped me since 1998 about The Goonies :
Mickey (my loveable Goonie Mom), Sandi (the Goonies House's Owner), Massimo, Dario (thank you very much for your help at the Reunion at Astoria 2005), Carlotta (who helped me with some translations), Valentina (who went with me to London to meet Sean), all the people of Astoria, Andy (for the Goonies Never Say Die Event), Antonio, Giuseppe and all my foreign friends . And yes, thank you Jeff Cohen for your kindness.
Sorry for my English!!!

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