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I have been fond of chess since I was a child, at the time of the famous  Fischer - Spassky match. Later I begun to attend a club and I played my first tournament in 1980. I played OTB chess regularly until 1986 when I switched to play only correspondence chess which requires less free time and it's more flexible, allowing to practice your hobby in spite of your job and family commitments.

Internet has caused a revolution in correspondence chess, introducing the possibility to use electronic mail instead of postcards,  drastically shortening the move transmission time. A further improvement has then be achieved by the possibility to play directly on the webserver. 

Updated information regarding my correspondence chess  activity can be found in "PlayerDetails" by ICCF.
  • "Ratings" provides ELO
  • "Events" provides the list of both ended and in progress tournaments . By clicking on a tournament you can look at the tournament table and often also at the games.


We use to remember with particular pleasure some games due to the played winning combination . That also applies to me: in this section I propose you to find the winning line in five positions taken from tournament games played by me in the past.