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The Trompowsky Attack is an opening used by White to cut off all the theory due to both the Queen's Gambit and the Indian defences. With 2.Bg5, White threatens to ruin Black's pawn structure.   With this threat he is able to turn the game towards offbeat lines outside the most common theory. The resulting play is interesting and Black should not underestimate White's potential.

Black can reply in several ways:

  • 2..Ne4 avoids the doubling of pawns and counterattacks the g5 Bishop. The theme of the opening becomes The position of the e4 Knight, that Black will try to maintain for as long as possible, is the main theme of this line;

  • 2..e6  is the other way to avoid the doubling of pawns but it involves the pinning of the Knight and a consequent defensive game;

  • The other moves (2...d5, 2...c5, 2...g6, 2...c6) allow the doubling of pawns:  Black aims to compensate that with the bishops pair and some initiative.


Trompowsky Attack

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