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The Sokolsky Opening (also known as the Orangutan opening) is generated by the move 1.b4:  it is an eccentric chess opening whose idea is to quickly develop the Queen's Bishop to b2 and achieve a certain control of the dark squares (by means of that bishop and the b4 pawn).  White's options also include the possibility to occupy the Queen's side and to exert pressure on the f6 and g7 squares. Black should best react playing in the center.

The Grob Attack (1.g4) aims to quickly achieve the control of the h1-a8 diagonal and to play on light squares: the King's Bishop is developed in g2 and his action is going to be sustained by the c4 push.  The Grob Attack can be seen as the specular version of the Sokolsky Opening, played in the kingside rather than in the queenside and on ligth squares rather than on dark ones. The problem is that the pawn weaknesses incurred on the kingside, after 1 g4, are less accettable as they can cause some risk to the King.  So the Grob does not convince completely and it's seldom adopted, mainly as a surprise weapon.

Below you can download a collection of recent chess games played with the Sokolsky opening (1b4) or the Grob Attack (1g4).

Opening Sokolsky Opening and Grob Attack
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