D10-19 Slav Defence

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Here you can download a collection of recent chess games played with the Slav Defence.

The Slav defence ia an attempt to resolve Black's traditional issues in the Queen's Gambit Declined: the light Bishop development (usually blocked by the pawn on e6), the pinning of the f6 Knight, the possibility for White to launch a minority attack on the Queen's side (prepared by the change cxd5 exd5). 

In the Slav defence these disadvantages disappear: the Bishop in c8 is not locked, the pinning with Bg5 is not possible because the Black pawn is still in e7 and after the cxd5 cxd5 the pawn structure remains symmetrical. Furthermore, if Black takes the pawn on c4, he is able to defend it with b7-b5, that is possible as the c6 pawn defends the b5 square.  The drawback is that the thematic pawn break in c5 costs two moves instead of one. Besides the light Bishop development is not so easy due to the weakness that it leaves over the b7 pawn. 

The Slav Defence is solid and can generate complex positions, suitable for those wanting to play for a win also with Black.


Slav Defence




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