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Here you can download a collection of recent chess games played with the Sozin variation (6.Bc4) of the Sicilian defence.

The development of the Bishop to c4 in the Classical Sicilian aims to increase the pressure over f7, immediately threatening the opponent's King.  The downside of 6.Bc4 is that Black has a target for his counter-play in the queenside.

Main lines:

  • the complex and sharp Velimirovic attack is based on the plan Be3, Qe2, 000 with opposite castling and White's pawn attack in the kingside; in this line knowledge of the theoretical subtleties is fundamental;

  • the smart Benko variation envisages the development Qb6 in order to put pressure on the Knight in d4 forcing its removal, thus decreasing the danger of White's attack;

  • the line with Bb3, Be3 and 00 also leads to a sharp game.


Sozin Sicilian

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