B80-85 Sicilian Scheveningen

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The Scheveningen variation is characterized by the "little centre" (pawns in e6 and d6) that puts under control the central squares and in particular the critical d5. White often has the chance to launch an attack against the opponent's King while Black has the advantage of a majority of central pawns and of a more compact pawn structure. 

Among the main lines:

  • 6.g4!? (Keres Attack) leads to an uncompromising and sharp play;

  • 6.Be3, followed by f3, Qd2 and 000 is another aggressive plan, known as English Attack;

  • 6.Be2 followed by  f4 (or 6.f4 followed by Be2) leads to the Classical Scheveningen.


Sicilian Scheveningen

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