B90-93 Najdorf Sicilian (6.Be2 and minor lines)

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Naydorf defence is one of Black's most effective weapons against 1.e4. This collection includes games played with all the Naydorf lines in which White has not moved 6.Bg5, 6.Be3 or 6.Bc4.

After 6.Be2 Black can either transpose to a Scheveningen with 6...e6 or play in pure Najdorf style 6...e5.  In the latter case Black's structural weaknesses (the hole in d5 and the unprotected d6 pawn in an open column) are compensated by the activity of his pieces and his counterattacking chances against the White King.

6.f4 and 6.h3 are sharp lines that aim to immediately launch an attack to the Black's King.

6.g3 and 6.a4 are minor more positional lines.


(6.Be2 and minor lines)

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